When Every Second Counts

When you want an emergency response from a public safety agency, dial 911.

Remember: Dial 911 only when there is a life threatening injury or illness, or you witness a serious crime in progress.

If it is not an emergency, look up the seven digit agency number in the telephone book. For non-emergencies in our area call 928-774-1414.

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Help Us Help You

Before the 911 Call

  • Be prepared to tell the dispatcher what and where help is needed.
  • Stay calm.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Dial 911 right away, don't wait for somebody else to call.

During the Call

  • Tell the dispatcher exactly what is wrong, for example: "...my house is on fire" or "...there was just a car accident." or "...my Dad is hurt; he fell off a ladder and can't move" or "...I'm home alone and someone is trying to break in".
  • Give the full address where help is needed, including apartment number, suite number, etc.
  • Tell the dispatcher where you are located, if you are not at the emergency site.
  • Give your name.
  • Let the operator control the conversation.
  • Speak loud and clear, but do not scream.
  • Do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you to do so. They may need to ask more questions to help the fire, police, or ambulance find you.

Other Things to Know when you call 911

Please do not call 911 and:

  • Ask for the Police Department's non-emergency number. That number is 928-774-1414.
  • Ask for another police department's non-emergency number. If that police department is in another area code, dial that area code, then 555-1212.
  • Hang up before speaking to the 911 operator. If you do, they will call you back and a squad car may be sent to your home.
  • Report that the power is out at your home, unless it is an emergency. Call your utility service provider.
  • Ask for a weather report. Check the Internet instead. If your power is out, get a battery-powered radio and stay tuned to a local station.