Street Sweeping

The Streets Section operates one daytime sweeper and two nighttime sweepers working in a clockwise rotation around the City. Sweepers run as time and weather conditions allow.


Operations for the spring include a one-time Spring Cleaning event to coincide with Community Code Compliance Spring clean-up.


Operations are regulated to cleaning main arteries on a weekly basis and residential streets on a monthly basis.

  • The immediate downtown is swept daily Monday through Friday.
  • Sweeping is a target projection. Unpredictable weather occurrences, like major rain events, may affect sweeping operations.


Operations are determined by snowstorms

  • After a storm subsides, all arteries/collectors and bike lanes are given first priority.
  • Once these areas are passable, the Streets Section begin sweeping residential streets.
  • City Facebook and Twitter posts will provide the latest information about when crews will be working in the community.

What You Can Do To Help

  • Please be aware that the amount of time it takes to sweep is directly related to how much debris is on the streets.
  • Clear overhanging trees and shrubbery 10 to 12 feet high so sweepers can hit the curb line without causing damage to the sweeping equipment.
  • Sweep sidewalks adjacent to your residence.
  • Remove and replace landscaping rocks that fall into the curb line.
  • Move cars that are parked on the street. Cars in the road can decrease the area the sweeper is able to reach. In some instances, cars on the street can completely prevent the sweeper from being able to enter. In these cases, the streets will have to wait for the next round of sweeping.