Program Description

The Beautification Program utilizes Bed, Board & Beverage (BBB) Tax revenues efficiently and effectively to create, enhance, and preserve the sense of place, the built and natural environment, of Flagstaff. Working with community groups and the Beautification & Public Art Commission, this program generates enhancement projects such as streetscapes; landscaping, including community gardens; enhanced traffic and transportation features; and other small and large community projects that provide community planning and aesthetics consistent with the high standards defined by Flagstaff’s public policy.

Beautification Programs

Project Maintenance

In order to preserve the community’s investment in beautification, ongoing maintenance of these projects is overseen by this program. Currently City of Flagstaff crews are maintaining over fifty acres of enhancement landscaping. Recently, "Two-Spot the Train" has been repainted for preservation under the oversight of this program.

Beautification Projects


4th Street Gateway

Located at the northeast corner of Fourth Street and Route 66, signage will announce the area’s business and residential community to motorists, pedestrians, and transit riders.  The Gateway will enhance the development of 4th Street as a destination and support branding and design standards toward a consistent area theme, strong sense of place, and rejuvenated business district.  Look for this project completion to come late 2015.  

Fourth Streetscape

In an attempt to improve walk ability and sense of place; sidewalks have been augmented in some areas.  The addition of two temporary pedestrian crossings increases pedestrian safety as well as neighborhood and business connectivity.   

East Route 66 & Kaspar

Beautification efforts to a small patch in this location will include landscaping, stone balancing and artistic walls.  

Lake Mary Road Gateway

Heading west on Lake Mary Road just off Beulah Boulevard is about to get a makeover.  The existing landscaping has been whittled down to remnants and will be clean and pristine in the near future.  

Beautification Resource Center