Keeping Flagstaff Clean

Accumulated litter is not only a health and safety issue but also poorly impacts the appearance of our community. Please help maintain a safe and clean environment for Flagstaff...please don't litter!

What You Can Do

  • Ask people to pick up their litter
  • Be sure your trash is well-secured in appropriate containers
  • Use re-usable grocery and shopping bags
  • Volunteer, get involved with the Community Stewards Program

Litter Code

In an attempt to improve the safety and appearance of our community the City of Flagstaff would like to remind you that there are municipal codes that state no person shall litter, in addition, it is unlawful for any owner, occupant, or lessee of private property to allow litter to accumulate on private property.

To read the complete code, please view the Litter Code.


  • To report an accumulated litter complaint, please call 928-213-2147
Rio Cleanup Mel and Logan in 2011