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Current Water Strategy:                                     Level 1 Water Awareness 


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Dental Amalgam Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency enacted the Dental Amalgam Rule in an effort to reduce the amount of mercury introduced into the environment from dental amalgam discharged from dental facilities. Find more information about compliance certification here.

Have you seen these rain gauges around town?rain gauge

The Flood Alert Network coordinates local, state and federal efforts and addresses flood resilience in Flagstaff. Rain and stream gauges installed in designated washes and channels throughout the city record real-time data on precipitation and flood levels, and this information is available to the public. To check rainfall data in the community and sign up for alerts, visit: www.flagstaffaz.gov/3732/Rainfall-Data

City Council recognizes partners for City Hall Lawn Conversion Project. 2

Read a news article about the project and recognition here.

The Effects of Fire on Water in Flagstaff

Learn about how the Newman and Museum fires have the potential to impact our water and community for years to come here

City Council recognizes staff for their emergency response at Wildcat Hill WRP.

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The Recycled Water Survey is Completed- Stay Tuned for Results, Analysis, & Outcomes!

Over 320 people viewed the Recycled Water Survey, and 96 people weighed in with their opinions. We thank you for your participation.

The survey presented options using emerging technologies in Advanced Water Treatment, where 86% of participants found our survey informative. This was a great opportunity to learn about reclaimed water, and its potential uses. For more information regarding what recycled water (and reclaimed water) is and what it isn't, visit our Education Page with Advanced Treatment FAQ's.

We are pleased to record a 78% confidence rating in Water Service's ability to implement future projects. We are committed to providing water that is treated, tested and safe while we move toward a secure future for Flagstaff's water supply. 

Click here to view a brief summary of the survey results while we are finishing up the report!

Wondering what processes are involved in bringing you potable drinking water?


Watch the Virtual Tour of the Lake Mary Water Treatment Plant!

May 17, 2019

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The water spigot located near the Inner Basin Cabin has been removed and permanently closed.

To view more information on the closure, visit our Archive.

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Important Contacts

For questions call Water Billing Services at (928) 213-2231 or visit us online at www.flagstaff.az.gov/eservices 

Water Services Administration
Bradley M. Hill, R.G., Water Services Director
2323 N. Walgreens St., Suite 1                                               Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Ph: (928) 213-2400 | Fax: (928) 213-2409

To report water quality and pre-treatment complaints, email Water Quality.

Get in touch with the right staff / program using the Water Services directory. To report a water line break, call (928) 774-0262.

Water Services Team Photo

The team of professionals in the Water Services Division works hard every day to keep the water flowing to your taps and water flushing from your home! We recycle high-quality reclaimed water to the community for irrigation and other state-approved uses. Nine sections in the Water Services Division ensure great customer service for decades to come: Regulatory Compliance, Engineering, Water Production, Water Distribution, Wastewater Treatment, Wastewater Collections, Stormwater, Water Resources & Conservation, and Administrative. 

Pictured: Top Row:  Jim Huchel, Reclamation (Wastewater) Manager; Steve Camp, Regulatory Compliance Manager; Chris Kirkendall, Stormwater Manager; Bradley M. Hill, R.G., Water Services Director:Ryan Roberts, Engineering Manager;
Bottom Row: Mark Richardson, Operations Manager over Water Distribution and Wastewater Collections; Debby Valencia, Admin Specialist; Erin Young, Water Resources Manager;  Marion Lee, Admin Specialist.

Not Present:Lisa Deem, Management Analyst;  Brian Huntzinger, Water Production Manager.

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2019 Report to the Water Commission

The full report for the 2018 calendar year can be found here.

Updated Scavenger Waste disposal guidelines are now available.

A memo notifying waste haulers of updated guidelines can be found here. Scavenger waster disposal permit application and manifest forms can be found here.

Enforcement Response Plan

The Enforcement Response Plan is adopted. Visit our Water Services News page for more information!

2018 Water Quality Report

We sample and analyze your drinking water for microbial, inorganic, organic, and radioactive contaminants, along with pesticides and herbicides, on a strict schedule. This year, we included some constituents that are not currently regulated. We are happy to report that there were no violations. 

You can download our latest report here

Flood Plain Informational Packet

The Stormwater Division of Flagstaff Water Services is providing an informational packet on how to reduce flood damage to your home, navigate FEMA development restrictions, and potentially reduce flood insurance premiums.

To view this packet Click Here 

Weekly Production and Storage
 Statistics as of 01/09/2020

Consumption: 53.51 Million Gallons per Day
  Average Gallons / Capita / Day: 84
                 Upper Lake Mary Water Level: 32.6 Feet                   (100% of production)
     67.86% Water in Storage

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