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We Received Two National Water Conservation Awards!

Read about how Flagstaff has been recognized as a leader in water conservation in our latest blog.

Proposed Industrial Pretreatment Code Changes

Read the proposed code changes along with supporting documents, and provide public comment by December 31st 2020. 

View the 2019 Water Quality Report 

Email Water Services for a printed copy of the report. 

2019 Water Quality Report

Reopening your Business from COVID-19: Tips and Guidelines for Your Water System 

View the EPA guidelines for restoring water quality in buildings for reopening.

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Complying with the Mayor’s Proclamation to mitigate the spread of the Covid-19 virus, Flagstaff Water Services wants to assure our residents that while buildings may be closed to the public, the business and function of our city government will remain open.

That means residents will continue to have safe, reliable water services available, throughout this health threat. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 928-213-2400. We’re available for your needs.

Get up-to-speed on FY 2021 Capital Improvement Projects by viewing the interactive CIP map.

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Strategic Plan

Water Services announces its first-ever Strategic Plan addressing the ten top issues facing Flagstaff’s water over the next five years. The public is invited to be a part of this discussion as we move forward into the next decade. Learn more about the plan.

Water Services Receives the City Manager’s ’Aspen Award’ for Leadership

On February 11th, Water Services was recognized by the City Manager for outstanding leadership in creating the Strategic Plan 2025. Learn more about the award.

Aspen Award

Water Services Team Photo

The team of professionals in the Water Services Division works hard every day to keep the water flowing to your taps and water flushing from your home! We recycle high-quality reclaimed water to the community for irrigation and other state-approved uses. Eleven sections in the Water Services Division ensure great customer service for decades to come: Regulatory Compliance, Engineering, Water Production, Water Distribution, Wastewater Treatment, Wastewater Collections, Stormwater, Water Resources & Conservation, and Administrative. 

Pictured: Top Row:  Jim Huchel, Reclamation (Wastewater) Manager; Steve Camp, Regulatory Compliance Manager; Chris Kirkendall, Stormwater Manager; Bradley M. Hill, R.G., Water Services Director:Ryan Roberts, Engineering Manager;
Bottom Row: Mark Richardson, Operations Manager over Water Distribution and Wastewater Collections; Debby Valencia, Admin Specialist; Erin Young, Water Resources Manager;  Marion Lee, Admin Specialist.

Not Present: Lisa Deem, Management Analyst; Brian Huntzinger, Water Production Manager.

Helpful Info
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Updated Scavenger Waste disposal guidelines are now available. 

View a memo notifying waste haulers of updated guidelines. View the scavenger waste disposal permit application and manifest.

Enforcement Response Plan

The Enforcement Response Plan is adopted. Visit the Water Talk News page for more information.

Flood Plain Informational Packet

The Stormwater Division of Flagstaff Water Services is providing an informational packet on how to reduce flood damage to your home, navigate FEMA development restrictions, and potentially reduce flood insurance premiums. View the Flood Plain Information Packet.

The water spigot located near the Inner Basin Cabin has been removed and permanently closed.

To view more information on the closure, visit the  Water Talk News Archive.

Wondering what processes are involved in bringing you potable drinking water?

Watch the virtual tour of the Lake Mary Water Treatment Plant! View a list of helpful definitions.


Weekly Production and Storage
 Statistics as of 10/08/2020

Consumption: 9.05 Million Gallons per Day
Average Gallons / Capita / Day: 119
Upper Lake Mary Water Level: 

29.7 Feet (43.0% of production)
     53.38% Water in Storage

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