Regional Plan Amendments

Proposed Amendments

City staff has identified text and map clarifications after using the Regional Plan (PDF) for policy and development review the past few years. A task list of proposed amendments was developed and presented to Council in June 2015, and updated in January 2018. The document is available here.

Current Plan Amendments

Carbon neutrality amendment to the Regional Plan: The City of Flagstaff is proposing a Major Plan Amendment on climate change and climate action to the Flagstaff Regional Plan 2030: Place Matters. The proposed amendment will revise pages IV-11, IV-12 , and X-19 of the Regional Plan. View the proposed new pages here. Revisions will align the Regional Plan Climate Change and Adaptation pages with the City’s climate action work and the 2021 Carbon Neutrality Plan. Learn more about this amendment at the carbon neutrality amendment page.

Get more information on the Current Plan Amendments page.

Complete Plan Amendments

  • Amendments to Map 25: Road Network Illustration and the associated text were completed in December 2015. Amendments to Chapter III: How This Plan Works were completed in January 2017. Amendments to Maps 21, 22 and 25 in relation to the McMillan Mesa Natural Area were completed November 15, 2018. For more information on these projects, please visit the Completed Plan Amendments Page

For more information about the proposed amendments or the upcoming Regional Plan annual report, please contact Comprehensive Planning Manager Sara Dechter, AICP  via email.

Get more information on the Complete Plan Amendments page.

Plan Amendment Process

The FRP30 is a comprehensive policy document; however, it is necessary to consider amendments the Plan from property owners who wish to change their development rights. Not all changes to development rights require a plan amendment.

Comprehensive and Current planning staff work together to review proposed rezoning and annexation cases in detail, and can assist applicants in determining if and which type of amendment may be required. A regional plan amendment application may be obtained on the Current Planning web page. Planning staff is available to help guide applicants through the amendment process.

Amendments to the FRP30 are categorized as either major or minor, each requiring specific processing steps, as set forth in Title 11, Chapter 11-10 (PDF) of the City Code. A breakdown of what is considered a major or minor amendment is described below, as well as in the Table of Plan Amendment Criteria (PDF). This table can also be found in Chapter III (PDF) of the Flagstaff Regional Plan. 

Major Plan Amendment Proposals

Major Plan Amendment proposals, if approved, are changes that would create a substantial alteration of the municipality's land use mixture or balance as established in the municipality's existing General Plan land use element. Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) require all major amendments to the General Plan to follow the process below.

All applications for Major Plan Amendments to the General Plan shall be heard by the Council at a single public hearing during the calendar year in which they are filed. In order to provide sufficient time for comprehensive review of an application for a Major Plan Amendment, the Director shall determine the application date each year for Major Plan Amendment requests. 

Submittal Deadlines

The following typical submittal dates apply: 

  • April 1st - Pre-application meeting deadline
  • May 1st - Application deadline for completeness review
  • July 1st - Application deadline for submittal of the final application
  • October - Planning Commission public hearings commence
  •  December - Council public hearing

Incomplete applications or applications not finalized after the July 1st deadline established above will not be processed, and must wait until the next year to resubmit. 

Minor Amendments

Minor amendments to the General Plan may be presented at any time of the year, and may be applied for concurrent to a rezoning or annexation request. The minor plan amendment application is available through the Current Planning webpage