Flagstaff Urban Trails System (FUTS)

The Flagstaff Urban Trails System (FUTS, say "foots") is a city-wide network of non-motorized, shared-use pathways that are used by bicyclists, walkers, hikers, runners, and other users for both recreation and transportation.

At present there are about 56 miles of FUTS trails in Flagstaff. The overall master plan shows about 75 miles of future trails, to complete a planned system of 130 miles. About half of the miles of existing trails are paved, either in concrete or asphalt, and half consist of a hard-packed, aggregate surface. FUTS trails are generally eight or ten feet in width.

Range of Experience

FUTS trails offer an incredibly diverse range of experiences; some trails are located along busy streets, while others traverse beautiful natural places - canyons, riparian areas, grasslands, meadows, and forests - all within the urban area of Flagstaff. The system connects neighborhoods, shopping, places of employment, schools, parks, open space, and the surrounding National Forest, and allows users to combine transportation, recreation and contact with nature.


With a few exceptions, FUTS trails are operated and maintained by the City of Flagstaff.


According to the City of Flagstaff Citizen Survey 2009, 78% of Flagstaff residents have used the FUTS trail system in the last year.

Stay Informed

If you would like to receive periodic updates and other information of interest related to FUTS, go to the Notify Me page and subscribe to the Flagstaff Urban Trails System list. You can also follow FUTS on Facebook and Twitter.

Flagstaff Trails Initiative

FTI is a multi-entity effort to develop and implement a collaborative strategy for trails in and around Flagstaff. It seeks to improve the quality, connectivity and community support for a sustainable trail system that balances the demand for recreation with the community's vision for conservation, development, and health. Visit the Flagstaff Trails Initiative website for more information.

FUTS Trail Users Survey

During June of 2017, the City conducted a survey of trail users to find out more about how the FUTS are used, where new trails and improvements are needed, and how we can make the FUTS better. A total of 375 surveys were submitted. To see the results of the survey, download the FUTS Trail Users Survey 2017 - Summary Report (PDF).

Flagstaff Urban Trails & Bikeways Map

The latest version of the Flagstaff Urban Trails and Bikeways Map was reprinted in April of 2015 and is available at various City offices and facilities, as well as select stores and shops around town. A digital version of the map for your smartphone or device is also available through the Avenza Maps app.

FUTS Trail Descriptions

FUTS Trail Descriptions provide detailed information for 35 trail segments, including a narrative description, length, surface material, grades and elevation, destinations along the trail, intersecting trails, future plans, and photos.

FUTS Planning

More than 75 miles of planned, future FUTS trails are depicted on the FUTS Master Plan. This section also includes small-area trails plans for downtown, McMillan Mesa, and east Flagstaff; and describes the process for determining priorities for future trails.

Active Transportation Master Plan

The City of Flagstaff is working on an Active Transportation Master Plan to serve as a detailed guide to enhance walking, biking, and trails in Flagstaff.


Adopt-a-FUTS is a great opportunity for local non-profits, clubs and organizations, businesses, neighborhood associations, schools, families, and individuals to help keep our FUTS trails clean and make a visible difference in the community. 

Visit the Community Stewards Program page for more information. You can also view this interactive map to see which trail segments are available.

FUTS Trail Courtesy

A few simple suggestions for FUTS Trail Courtesy to make using the trails enjoyable and safe for all users.