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To request an appointment with the Mayor call Shawn at (928) 213-2065 or E-MAIL

To request an appointment with the Vice Mayor or Councilmembers call Jason at (928) 213-2015 or E-MAIL
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Councilmember Jim McCarthy
Councilmember Austin Aslan
Vice Mayor Becky Daggett
Mayor Paul Deasy
Councilmember Adam Shimoni
Councilmember Regina Salas 
Councilmember Miranda Sweet

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Flagstaff Community Case Studies 

Flagstaff Policy Community Trust

Written for the Mayor's Community Policy Trust under the Office of Coral Evans in 2020, the case studies in this document consolidate the history of four major issues faced by members of the Flagstaff community. Each case study represents a complex policy area in which numerous stakeholders are motivated to work for the good of the community yet face constraints from factors such as state and federal legislation and conflicting public interests. In forwarding the purpose of the Mayor’s Community Policy Trust, these case studies are intended to provide continuity and consistency regarding the history and purpose of long-term policy goals, as well as provide insight regarding effective policy solutions for ongoing community issues.