Arts & Sciences


This program involves the selection and installation of public art and funding for cultural arts within the community. Program staff works with the Beautification & Public Art Commission for public art and with Flagstaff Arts Council for cultural arts. The Arts & Science fund utilizes dedicated Bed, Board, & Beverage (BBB) Tax Revenues to support the operations of local arts, science, and cultural organizations, and their projects. For more, see our Beautification and Public Art Guidelines.

​Public Art Opportunities for Artists

Downtown Connection Center: For qualified artists, an opportunity to work with an established design team, to determine art and beautification projects that integrate with a redesigned transportation hub. Click on the link below for details and how to apply:

Call to Artists RSOQ Downtown Connection Center Artist

Arts & Science Grants

Arts & Science Grants through the Flagstaff Arts Council: local nonprofit organizations are supported by the City in their efforts to enrich the lives of our community and our visitors, through quality arts, cultural and science programs. Grant funding is provided via contractor through flow-through city funding, and overseen by program staff. Information on Arts & Science grants can be obtained at the Flagstaff Arts Council site.

Beautification in Action Grants: For more on these grants, visit our Beautification program page.

Arts & Science Projects

Arts and Science Projects enliven the community of Flagstaff, bringing theater, the arts and scientific activities to our community. The city's flow-through funding to the Flagstaff Arts Council supports over 40 local arts and science organizations annually!

Flagstaff Arts Council created a 'thank you' video for City Council and the City for this year's grants and the support of the sector. Watch it here.

Current Projects

Courthouse Art Piece
With the construction of the new municipal courthouse, located at 101 W. Cherry Avenue, comes the opportunity for public art! A new art piece will grace the new building using the niche (see building concept drawing below) facing Beaver Street. A selection panel of community members and courthouse staff is currently working to select an artist proposal. Installation of the new work is expected to occur in the spring of 2021.