Public Works Safety Committee (PWSC)

Public Works Safety Committee (PWSC)

  1. Safety is a way of life.
  2. Safety is up to you.
  3. Safety is a matter of continuing concern, equal in importance to all other operational considerations.

About the Committee

The Public Works Safety Committee (PWSC) has been established within the Public Works Division. This committee meets regularly to review working conditions, safe practices, policies, procedures and accidents. They also meet to discuss potential hazards and to recommend corrective actions. This committee has commensurate authority delegated to them by the Public Works Director to develop and recommend applicable procedure and policies.

The City of Flagstaff''s Public Works Division in conjunction with the Public Works Safety Committee (PWSC) is committed in providing you with safe working conditions and instructing all employees in safe practices.

Public Works Safety Committee Mission Statement

To work together as a team for the express purpose of identifying hazards in the workplace before accidents occur for both industrial and vehicle accidents. Once hazards are identified, we then minimize our employees' risk by changing exposure to the hazards through education (increasing awareness), administering (creating policies), or by engineering (re-configuring) the hazards out of the workplace.

Public Works Safety Committee (PWSC) Members:

The PWSC has created a program for you to participate in, which will improve City operations. [Read On...] If you have a safety concern, please contact a PWSC member (listed above) or your supervisor.

Safety Handbooks / Manuals / Programs and Forms

Committee Meeting Minutes

PW Safety Committee meeting minutes are recorded and are posted for your review and convenience. Meeting minutes are housed in the City Share Drive at S:\Public Works\Safety Committee\Minutes. It is also the responsibility of your PW Safety Committee Member Section Representative (listed above) to communicate all pertinent information to their respective section thus aiding in the creation of a safety culture where everyone feels responsible for safety and pursues it on a daily basis.