Safety Suggestion Program

Reporting a Safe / Unsafe Condition

The Employee Safety Suggestion Program provides a means to encourage all employees to take part in the task of improving the safety and effectiveness of the operations within the City. Under the program, the employees recognize unsafe conditions and suggest possible solutions to be acted upon by the Public Works Safety Committee. All employees are encouraged to participate in the program.

Employees shall immediately report unsafe conditions, defective equipment or any other situation they judge to be unsafe to their supervisor or safety committee representative. Additionally, safe conditions may also be reported to recognize safe practices.

The Safe / Unsafe Condition form (PDF) is to be filled out at this time.


Please follow the following steps for reporting Safe / Unsafe Conditions:

  1. Employee fills out Employee Section of the Safe / Unsafe Condition form (PDF).
  2. Employee turns form into Supervisor or Safety Committee Representative.
  3. Within five days of receiving form, Supervisor is to investigate the situation, fill out their section of the form and discuss an action plan with the reporting employee. Employee is to receive a copy of the form at this time.
  4. Forward form to the Public Works Administrative Specialist and if applicable, Supervisor fills out 7K award form, signs it, and staples it to original form.
  5. Safety Committee reviews forms and 7K award, makes comments as necessary and signs. Form (s) are returned to the Public Works Administrative Specialist for forwarding onto the Manager / Division Head.
  6. Manager/Division Head reviews and signs form and 7K award form.
  7. Manager returns form to Public Works Administrative Specialist.
  8. Department Head reviews and signs the safety and 7K forms.
  9. Department Head returns forms to Public Works Administrative Specialist.
  10. Administrative Specialist copies form and 7K award, original to HR, 1 copy in Safety Committee File, 1 copy to employee, and 1 copy in Public Works personnel file.

At the end of the year, all forms will be reviewed by the Public Works Safety Committee and they will select the one that has the greatest impact on safety for a WOW award.


If you have a safety concern, please contact a PWSC member or your supervisor immediately.