Program Description

To foster the economic vitality of the community, while at the same time attempting to reduce urban sprawl by implementing public policy, this program fosters redevelopment of the existing developed areas within the City. Redevelopment includes infill as well as replacement of facilities within the community, but such efforts are carefully balanced with heritage preservation and community design goals. The work of this program includes policy and ordinance development, planning, infrastructure development, and other community investment projects such as public art, beautification, and redevelopment and economic district formation.

Redevelopment Programs

Redevelopment Plan Update

Redevelopment staff is analyzing the 1992 Flagstaff Redevelopment Area Designation and Redevelopment Area Plan to determine its applicability (given its age and the changing conditions within the City) and to determine its consistency with applicable laws. The results of this analysis will be a White Paper that will include recommendations for moving forward. Should the City Council elect to move forward, the community will be engaged in a broad outreach effort to update the Plan.

Brownfield Projects

Rural communities in northern Arizona face long-term challenges caused when Historic Route 66 was replaced by the interstate system as the primary east-west transportation corridor across Arizona. To counter these challenges, the City of Flagstaff submitted for and received a $700,000 Brownfields Coalition grant application to address sites in northern Arizona located along the Historic Route 66 that are potentially impacted by petroleum products and hazardous substances. The Coalition has identified candidate sites in our targeted area, and anticipate conducting 70 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and 18 Phase II ESAs using the Brownfields Coalition grant funds.

As the Lead Member with extensive experience managing EPA Brownfields Assessment grants, the City of Flagstaff has invited the Cities of Winslow and Holbrook and Navajo and Coconino Counties to participate in the coalition. This Coalition provides partners the opportunity to complete important assessment projects that they would otherwise be unable to accomplish due to limited resources. Learn more about the Brownfield Redevelopment Program (PDF).

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