Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t admission to the Aquaplex free?

Unlike other facilities in the Recreation Department, the Flagstaff Aquaplex has been directed by City Council to aim for a 70% cost-recovery budget. The goal is to recover 70% of all operating expenses through program charges, rentals and admission revenues.

Does my Annual Weight Room Pass from Hal Jensen Recreation Center or Joe C. Montoya Community and Senior Center transfer to the Aquaplex?

Passes are not transferable between the Aquaplex and other facilities. The Flagstaff Aquaplex has a separate operating budget that closely tracks facility expenditures and revenues, in order to meet City Council goals.

Why no “Swimming Only” or “Fitness Only” or “Weight Room Only” admission fee or passes?

  • The facility is designed to be a multi-use facility. Anyone entering the facility will have access to all of the facility amenities.
  • It will not be unusual for a customer to enter at the Reception Desk, drop off a child at the babysitting room, go to the locker room to change, go upstairs to the aerobics room for a class, come back downstairs after class and go to the babysitting room to check on the child, then go to the locker room to change and go to the aquatic area to use the Hot Tub and finally use the locker rooms to shower and change again.
  • Monitoring this type of use in a facility this size would require an enormous amount of staff and would quickly become extremely expensive to safely and effectively monitor and operate. Therefore, fees have been set to reflect the ability to use a number of features during any single visit.

What is included with 1 - 3 - 6 - 12 month passes?

  • The following amenities will be available to pass holders (when not in use for programs:) Babysitting, Gymnasium, Climbing Wall, Gallery Lounge, Fitness and Cardio Equipment, and Indoor Track. Several aerobics and water aerobics classes will be available at no charge to a minimal fee for pass holders, specific class schedules are available.
  • Aquatic Area: Lap Pool, Leisure Pool, 16 person Hot Tub, Slides and Lazy River Channel. Please note that the slides, lazy river or other portions of the aquatic area may be unavailable for open use due to cleaning, programming or other restrictions. Specific schedules are available. Schedules for all amenities will be regularly published for pass holders use.

Why is there no competitive swimming pool?

  • NAU has some available public pool hours at the Wall Aquatic Center. These pools offer “standard” competitive swimming features.
  • Based on community input and within the limits of the proposed construction budget, aquatic leisure amenities that included several play and exercise features and options were the first priority. The design also includes the ability to expand the facility with a competitive pool in the future.
  • City Staff have placed the pool expansion as a priority in the Capitol Improvement Program and will identify funding opportunities in the near future.

Why are there charges for classes or programs at the Flagstaff Aquaplex?

While admission fees cover some of the operating expenses, other revenue needs to be generated to help meet the cost recovery goal. Programs and classes offered are affordable, though we do offer some that are free to pass holders. Still other programs may be very specialized and require a higher fee that covers all costs to run the program or class (i.e. instructors, supplies, etc.)

Is there an age restriction for facility use?

Yes. There is an age requirement set for children to use the facility or parts of the facility without the direct supervision of an adult. There is also age conditions set for appropriate participation in programs, classes and activities. Age requirements help provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all facility users.