Park Ramadas

Park ramadas are the covered picnic areas available for reservation at City parks. Ramadas can accommodate groups for birthday parties, wedding receptions, family reunions, memorial services, company picnics, and barbecues. Reservations can be made at the City of Flagstaff Aquaplex. Applicants must complete the Ramada Reservation Application and pay the required fees at the time of reservation. Applicants need to review the Ramada Reservation Use Guidelines as well. 

If you have any questions please call the Aquaplex at (928) 213-2300.

Ramada Rental Application and Guidelines

Here is a list of City parks with ramadas to reserve. Click below for specifics about each park.


  • Bushmaster Park South Ramada
  • Bushmaster Park Community Ramada
  • Foxglenn Park #1 Ramada
  • Thorpe Park Ramada
  • Arroyo Park Ramada
  • Bushmaster Park North Ramada
  • Bushmaster Park  Garden Ramada
  • Bushmaster Park Sandbox Ramada
  • Bushmaster Park Oval Ramada
  • Foxglenn Park #2 Ramada
  • Foxglenn Park #3 Ramada
  • Ponderosa Park Ramada
  • Buffalo Park Ramada
  • Cheshire Park Ramada
  • Hal Jensen Recreation Center Ramada
  • Mobile Haven Park Ramada
  • Old Town Springs Park Ramada
  • Ponderosa Trails Ramadas
 Only Available at Bushmaster Community Ramada
 Half Day (7 hours or less)
 Full Day (More than 7 hours)

Note: ALL Ramada reservation fees are non-refundable.
   Fee for electricity at Bushmaster Community Ramada is non-refundable.