2010 Annual Budget & Financial Plan

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Introduction Section
  • Title Page
  • GFOA Award
  • Table of Contents
  • Users Guide
  • City of Flagstaff Organizational Chart
  • Council Profiles
  • Goals

Transmittal Section
  • City Manager's Budget
  • Mission Statement

Budget Overview
  • Financial Resources Available
  • Total Appropriations
  • Operating Expenditures by Divisions
  • Budget Format and Process
  • Assumptions and Strategies
  • Fund Summaries
  • Five-Year Projections by Fund
  • Revenues
  • Capital Budget
  • Debt
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Policies and Procedures

Issues and Updates
  • Personal Service Costs
  • Cost Allocation
  • Five-Year Fleet Management
  • Five-Year Information Systems

Financial Summaries

Department Detail

  • General Administration
    • Includes: City Manager, City Clerk, Human Resources, Risk Management, City Attorney, Municipal Court and Information Technology
  • Management Services
    • Includes: Management Services, Tax, Licensing, & Revenue, Finance and Budget, and Customer Service
  • Community Development
    • Includes: Capital Improvements, MPO, CD Administration, Planning and Development Services, Engineering, Housing and Community Redevelopment
  • Fire Department
  • Police Department
  • Public Works
    • Includes: USGS Maintenance, PW Administration, Parks, Fleet Services, Cemetery, Facilities Maintenance, Street Maintenance and Repair, Environmental Services and Sustainability Environmental Management
  • Community Enrichment
    • Includes: Library and Recreation
  • Economic Vitality
    • Includes: Community Investment, Economic Development, Community Design, Airport, Arts and Science, Beautification, Convention and Visitor's Bureau and Visitor Services
  • Utilities
    • Includes: Utilities Administration, Lake Mary Treatment Plant, Customer Service, Water Distribution, Booster Stations, Wildcat Wastewater Treatment Plants, Wastewater Collection, and Wastewater Monitoring, Rio de Flag Reclaim Plant and Stormwater
  • Non-Departmental
    • Includes: Council and Commissions, Contributions to Other Agencies, Non-Departmental, and Transit

Capital Improvements
  • FY 2010 Capital Improvement Program
  • Schedule of Capital Improvements
  • Project Descriptions
  • Operating Budget Impact
  • Capital Improvement Program Listings
  • Schedule of Capital Program Listings
  • Financial Capital Plan
  • Unfunded Projects

Community Profile

  • Authorized Personnel/Positions Summary
  • City of Flagstaff Pay Plan
  • Resolution for Budget Adoption
  • Ordinance for Property Tax Levy
  • Full-Cost Plan Summary of Allocation Basis
  • Council Goals
  • Glossary
  • List of Acronyms

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