Economic Development

Economic Development Program

The City of Flagstaff Economic Development Program:

  • Promotes sustainable retail, commercial, and industrial development that enhances high wage / low impact employment
  • Increases revenues by providing support, analysis, and programs for businesses
  • Develops and cultivates infrastructure that preserves quality of life and allows access to intellectual resources
  • Develops connections between businesses, people, and the organizations that can take them to the next level

Incentive Policies

Sustainable Automotive Rebate Program - The City of Flagstaff will rebate a portion of the local tax paid for purchases of fuel-efficient automotive vehicles...

Auto Rebate Flyer (PDF)                               Auto Rebate Policy (PDF)

Development Reinvestment Incentive - A new business in Flagstaff may receive a reimbursement for local construction contracting taxes paid...

Development Reinvestment Flyer (PDF)   Development Reinvestment Policy (PDF)

Job Creation Incentive - The City of Flagstaff may allocate up to $25,000 to a new business that meets the below criteria....

Job Creation Flyer (PDF)                               Job Creation Policy (PDF)

Additional information on the City of Flagstaff Economic Development Program and our newly adopted incentive programs can be viewed at the Choose Flagstaff website.