Arizona Trail

About the Trail

Part of the Arizona Trail, an 800-mile trail that crosses Arizona from Mexico to Utah, and the only passage through an urban area. The southern end of the trail follows a rolling alignment through the Ponderosa pine forests south of Flagstaff. This section is less developed than other FUTS trails; it is only four to six feet in width and can be rocky in spots. Through the middle of town, from Interstate 40 to Route 66, the trail is paved and generally follows along streets. 

A bicycle and pedestrian underpass at Butler Avenue conveys trail users through a busy intersection.

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The north end of the trail hugs the east rim of McMillan Mesa and provides great views all around. The trail crosses Cedar Avenue on the Matt Kelly Urban Trail Bridge, then continues north through the heart of Buffalo Park. North and south of Flagstaff the Arizona Trail continues on single-track trails on Coconino National Forest land. Visit the Arizona Trail Association website for more information.


  • Duck Pond to Oldham Trail (USFS)


  • 3.9 miles | 6.3 kilometer


  • Concrete: 28% of the trail (1.1 miles | 1.8 kilometers) 
  • Asphalt: 8% of the trail (0.3 miles | 0.5 kilometers)
  •  Aggregate: 64% of the trail (2.5 miles | 4.0 kilometers)


  • Easy grades: 00% of the trail has grades of less than 5%
  • Moderate grades: 00% of the trail has grades between 5 and 10% (000 feett | 000 meters)
  • Steep grades: 00% of the trail has grades between 10 and 15% (000 feet | 000 meters)
  • Very steep grades: 00% of the trail has grades of more than 15% (000 feet | 000 meters)
  • Maximum grade: 4%


  • Low point: 6,799 feet | 2072 meters
  • High point: 7,149 feet | 2179 meters
  • Elevation range: 350 feet | 107 meters

Along the Way

Intersection Trails


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