Boards & Commissions Vacancies


The following list indicates those boards, commissions, and committees with current vacancies. To learn more about a particular public body, please visit the Board and Commission Homepage.

Vacancies List

Board, Commission, or CommitteeTerm Expires
Airport (3 Positions)October 2026
Audit (2 Positions)n/a
Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals (4 Positions)Varies
Charter Review Committeen/a
Commission on Diversity AwarenessSeptember 2025
Commission on Inclusion and Adaptive Living (1 Position)March 2025
Heritage Preservation (1 Professional Position)December 2026
Industrial Development Authority (1 Position)April 2025
Industrial Development Authority (1 Position)April 2026
Industrial Development Authority (2 Positions) April 2024
Indigenous Commission (2 Ex-Officio IPAC position)N/A
Indigenous Commission (3 Positions)December 2026
Personnel Board (2 Positions)October 2025
Planning and Zoning (2 Positions)December 2026
Public Safety Personnel Retirement System BoardSeptember 2025
Self Insurance Trust Fund Board (Two 2-Year Terms) Self Insurance Trust Fund Board (Three 3-Year Terms)To be Determined
Tourism Commission (2 Positions)January 2026 and January 2027
Water Commission (3 Positions)December 2025