Open Space

Draft Documents

Open Space is one of the most important defining features of the Flagstaff Region, and holds great importance to the community, as a natural, social and economic resource.

Open Space Element Drafts:


Natural Environment Map Working Group

Meeting Notes: 

Natural Environment Map:

The Plan

  1. Cliff Notes (PDF)
  2. Open House Comments and Focus Group Results
  3. Arizona State Statute Requirement
  4. Background Data
    1. Existing Regional Plan Map
    2. City Green Spaces Inventory Map (PDF)
    3. FMPO Green Spaces Inventory Map (PDF)
  5. Flagstaff Zoning Code Update - Coordinated Polices
  6. Coconino County Comprehensive Plan - Coordinated policies
  7. Presentations to CAC
  8. Federal Report on Urban Forestry (PDF)
  9. Coconino County Wildlife Linkages Report - March 2011 (PDF)

Background Information



Public Comments