Reclaimed Water 

Reclaimed water is one of our most valuable supply sources.

The City of Flagstaff has been using reclaimed water for irrigation since 1965! Communities throughout Arizona have long benefited from this valuable resource, and our state - which reuses about 183 million gallons of water per day - has become a leader in this area. By using reclaimed water for irrigation, industrial, and other purposes, we conserve potable water sources for human consumption and domestic uses. As the only water source that grows with population, reclaimed water is vital to the sustainability of our supplies.

Flagstaff operates two water reclamation plants with a combined capacity of 10 million gallons per day. The City has made significant investments in upgrading the treatment technology at these plants to provide high-quality (Class A+) reclaimed water. Once treated, this water is transported to users in a separate distribution system ("purple pipe"). Reclaimed water accounts for about 20% of our total use in Flagstaff.

Podcast Interview

Jim Huchel, the Water Reclamation Manager for the City of Flagstaff, was featured in "The Water Break Podcast" in May of 2021. Listen to his interview about lessons learned from working in the wastewater industry for 37 years. 

Helpful Documents


The Water Hauler Educational Presentation is for customers who want to learn more about why they should use the correct loadout station with their potable and non-potable/reclaimed water tanks and accounts. We also offer free on-site training for those who feel their staff could benefit from direct training to avoid the $150 fine for using the wrong station. To schedule this free training or to ask questions, contact Jolene Montoya, Utilities Regulatory Compliance Section Manager, at 928-213-2117 or by email.

Tips for Completing the Reclaimed Water Agreement

Every line in the Reclaimed Water Agreement must be filled in before an account can be issued. There are 24 types of uses listed on page 2 of the Agreement. You will need to select at least one of these uses. Here are some helpful hints for filling out the Reclaimed Water Agreement form listed above:

  • Location of Use: If you have several sites, please list "various." If you just have one site, list that address.
  • Intended Use: If it is being sprayed on a road, circle "Dust Control" on page 2 of the Agreement form.
  • Quantity applied per day: Estimate the amount you will use per day or weekly based on the size of your truck and how much you haul.
  • Disposal plan for excess reclaimed water: What do you plan to do with any that is left over? If you plan to use it all, simply indicate "none left."

You also need to sign the last page for the "Buyer/User Authorized Officers or Agents."

Payment Options

You can get more information on prepayment options for your loadout station account(s) on our Utility Billing Services website area. This area shows you how you can make payments for your loadout station account online as well as via mail, in our drop box or by stopping by City Hall once your account is set up.

If you have questions, call her at 928-213-2400.