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Welcome to the Regional Plan 2012 Newsroom, where you'll find the latest weekly updates, press releases, videos, and other related content posted below. Please direct any email press inquiries to the Public Relations Intern or by phone at (928) 213-2631.

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Noxious and Invasive Weeds (08/08/11)

City of Flagstaff Opens Design Charrette Days to the Public (6/20/11)
- Press Release

Bicycling Element News Story

How to Build Your Dream House Video (3/7/2011)

Planning for Climate Means Avoiding some Bad Consequences (02/11/2011)

  • Listen to the story here

Community Values Survey Results are in (01/24/2011)

See what much of the Flagstaff public had to say about community values.

Open Space and Recreation Drafts up for Review (01/21/2011)

Tourism Commission's Ideas on Economic Development (01/13/2011)

Housing Public Comments and Upcoming Focus Group

The Regional Plan and the Water Element (09/28/2010)
Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC)
wraps up talks on Energy Goals (09/23/2010)

  • Energy Press Release