Open Space Program


View of the San Francisco Peaks from Observatory Mesa Natural Area Photo Copyright: Tom Bean PhotogrThe City of Flagstaff Open Space Program is responsible for managing over 3,000 acres of legally-designated open space properties, including Picture Canyon Natural and Cultural Preserve, Observatory Mesa Natural Area, McMillan Mesa, and the Schultz Creek Trailhead. We use Open Space Stewards to accomplish much of our work.

To many Flagstaff area residents, open space is the defining feature of Flagstaff's character and attraction. Open space defines the region's quality of life, protects the region's ecological health, supports existing and future economic development, and preserves historic and cultural resources.

Bond Initiatives

In 2004, Flagstaff voters approved two bond initiatives to fund open space acquisition efforts. These funds were leveraged with Arizona State Parks Growing Smarter grant funds to purchase nearly 2,700 acres of protected open space at Picture Canyon Natural and Cultural Preserve and Observatory Mesa Natural Area. These areas are managed to provide recreational and educational opportunities.

On July 6, 2020, the Flagstaff City Council adopted the revised Management Plan for Legally-Designated Open Space (PDF) Properties, which outlines policies and projects associated with managing the natural and cultural resources on these properties while providing educational and recreational opportunities for Flagstaff visitors. Every year, in addition to directing efforts to meet the Program's mission, Flagstaff Open Space works to achieve the goals outlined in the Legally Designated Open Space Management Plan and the Sustainability Section's Strategic Plan.

In 2016, Flagstaff voted in favor of Prop 413, which restricted the use of 300 acres of City-owned property on McMillan Mesa to public open space and passive recreation. In line with Prop 413, the next step is to amend the existing zoning of the McMillan Mesa Natural Area from "Public Facilities and Rural Residential Zoning" to Public Open Space (Zoning Map Amendment application PZ-20-00063). There were two virtual meetings on December 14, 2020 and January 13, 2021, with opportunities to provide feedback and ask questions about the Zoning Map Amendment application. The deadline to submit written comments to the Flagstaff Community Forum ended on January 31, 2021. 

Year in Review Reports

Hiker at Picture Canyon Natural and Cultural Preserve. Photo Credit: Tamara Hastie PhotographyThe following reports provide insight on the progress the Program has accomplished and is a testament to the Flagstaff community's engagement and interest in working together to preserve and protect our natural areas.

Learn more about what the Open Space Program has been working n with our Year in Review reports as follows:

Helpful Resources

We have FREE Gift Certificates to give out! Share your time and attention with your loved ones at one of Flagstaff's Open Spaces!

To learn more about what the Open Space Program and our partners have been up to, as well as exciting projects and community events, check out our latest e-newsletter.

Are you interested in using open space properties for a research project or an ongoing educational program? Submit a complete Research and Education Permit (PDF) to us via email for review!

One of our efforts is to control invasive plants on Flagstaff's Open Spaces, and we actively pursue grants to support these efforts.

Upcoming Events

We are planning an Arbor Day celebration by planting some native trees on McMillan Mesa. Since in northern Arizona the best time to do that is during monsoon season, we are planning for late summer 2021. Stay tuned!

Open Spaces now accepts donations, which support volunteer events and educational events. If you'd like to donate, please make a check payable to City of Flagstaff-Open Spaces, and mail it to City of Flagstaff Sustainability Program, 211 W Aspen Ave, Flagstaff AZ 86001. Thank you!

Email Robert Wallace, the City's Open Space Specialist, or call 928-213-2154, if you are interested in organizing a volunteer event for your group, or for any questions about the Open Space program. Stay up to date with events by following our Facebook page or on Instagram @cityofflagstaffparks