Land Development Code - Repealed

Former 1991 Land Development (No Longer in Effect)

The following are links to the 1991 Land Development Code (LDC) that was repealed with the adoption of the new Zoning Code:


Supplemental Documents

Regional Plan

Focus Groups

Focus Groups provided direction, comments and ideas to the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) - essentially City staff - and the consultants early in the process of creating the new Zoning Code. For example, the Focus Groups determined how well the former Land Development Code met the needs of the community with regard to the topic of the Focus Group, and positive and negative outcomes were identified. Based on this discussion, the Focus Group then determined what the desired outcome for their topic of interest was, and this was forwarded to staff and the planning consultants who then produced a draft code based on the desired outcome.

The following Focus Groups were formed:

  • Building / Fire Codes
  • Design Guidelines
  • Downtown
  • Economic Development / Business / Real Estate
  • Housing
  • Landscaping
  • Neighborhood Planning
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Processes and Procedures
  • Signage
  • Trees and Resources

Focus Group Report

The Focus Group recommendations were compiled into a report and forwarded to the planning consultants and City staff together with the additional ideas and observations from the Citizens Advisory Group on overlapping themes between Focus Groups.

Documents from the Consultant Team

Provided below are links to documents that have been provided to the City from the consultants on the zoning code rewrite project.

  • Flagstaff Stakeholder Interview Analysis Summary (PDF)
    This document summarizes the one-on-one interviews of Flagstaff residents, elected and appointed officials and City staff conducted by the consultant team while they were in the City from May 6 - 8, 2009.
  • Dot Exercise Results (PDF)
    At the May 7, 2009 open house/public presentation Flagstaff residents were invited to place a dot on a map in those locations that they thought were worthy of preservation (a green dot), that needed to evolve (a blue dot), or that need transformation (a red dot). Members of the Focus Groups also participated in this exercise. These maps show the results of Dot Mapping Exercise.
  • City Wide Macro-Analysis (PDF)
    An essential component of Task 1 was a comprehensive analysis of the City by the consultants so that they would be informed of the urban conditions of the City and its growth patterns and characteristics. These maps with their annotated notes show the results of the macro-scale analysis. Please note that this is a large file and it may take awhile to download.
  • Micro-Scale Document Summary
    This document provides an examination of the initial data and analysis of the area that has been identified for the application of the form based code. Building and block specifications are provided from the data collected by staff and the consultants.
  • Micro-Scale Matrix Board (PDF)
    Similar to the document above, there is building/block data for the area the form based code will be applied. Photo examples are provided in relation to the transect concepts.
  • Photo Documentation Board Part 1 (PDF)
    Photo Documentation Board Part 2 (Buildings) (PDF)
    Photo Documentation Board Part 3 (Frontages) (PDF)
    This PDF is a copy of the display boards that the consultant team presented at the May 7, 2009 open house. The photos are correlated to the unique character and built form of Flagstaff.
  • Land Development Code Rewrite: Charrette Summary Report (PDF)
    This document provides a comprehensive summary of information obtained throughout the design charrette process.

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