Development Scenario Working Group

This self-selected sub-group of the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) has put forth extra effort to assist the Core Planners in defining appropriate Development Scenario parameters, 'inputs' and 'outputs', or measurements.

Development Scenarios

The Flagstaff Region can grow in numerous ways, which are referred to in the planning world as 'Development Scenarios'.


The Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) and Core Planning Team will produce various Development Scenarios with measurable outcomes for the public, Board of Supervisors and City Council to review and comment on in three phases:

Phase I 

July 2011 Community Design Charrettes - to produce the 'bubble diagrams' and define which measurable outcomes are meaningful to our community

Phase II

Fall 2011 Kimley-Horn Report on Development Scenarios - to produce Community Viz visualization tools describing the various scenarios in more detail than the bubble diagrams, and running the measurable outcomes through 'models', or computer programs. These models will produce understandable numbers relating to the pre-defined important things to our community (for example - how much open space will each scenario protect? How 'walkable' is each scenario? What is the fiscal stability of each scenario?)

Phase III

Arizona State University (ASU) Decision Theater - December 2011 or January 2012 - the purpose of this phase is to clearly define the 'biggest bang for our buck'. Meaning: what are the critical decisions and actions we as a community need to make to keep our region financially solvent, environmentally resilient, and a great place to live?

Development Scenario Maps

Digitized Scenario

Actual Scenario

Public Comments