Section 8 Landlords

What is the Section 8 Housing Voucher?

Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers are issued to eligible families and individuals. Families / individuals receive instructions on how to locate suitable rental housing in the private rental marketplace within the greater Flagstaff area. The family has up to 60 days to locate and enter into a lease agreement with a prospective landlord. The unit selected must pass a housing quality inspection (HQS) prior to the tenant moving into the unit and before any housing assistance payments are issued for the unit.

What is the Tenant Screening and Selection Process?

The Housing Authority does not pre-screen or select tenants on behalf of the owners of the rental properties. The responsibility belongs solely to the landlord to screen and select the future tenant. During the screening process, the landlord must comply with all federal, state, and local Equal Housing Opportunity Laws.

What additional paperwork will you have to fill out?

After the landlord agrees to enter into a lease with the FHA housing voucher holder, the landlord must complete, sign and date the Request for Tenancy Approval form (form HUD-52517), which will be provided to the landlord by the tenant. The tenant must return the completed form to our offices at 3481 N. Fanning Dr, Flagstaff, AZ for review and approval before the unit can be scheduled for an inspection.

How much can you charge for rent?

The rent requested by a participating landlord for a rental unit must be “reasonable”. HUD regulations require that the gross rent charged by the owner to Section 8 program participants must be reasonable when compared to other unassisted units in the private rental housing market.

This means that the total rent and allowances for tenant-paid utilities (gross rent) cannot be more than rent for similar units based on number of bedrooms in the same general area or neighborhood. Other criteria the Housing Authority may consider to determine the rent includes, but is not limited to:
  • Unit Type, Square Footage and Date Built
  • Overall condition of the unit
  • Amenities and Facilities in the unit and on the development properties
  • Housing Services – On site management and maintenance
  • Emergency Maintenance, Landscaping

What can you charge for the Security Deposit?

The landlord is encouraged to collect a security deposit from the tenant. However, the Flagstaff Housing Authority will prohibit security deposits that are in excess of private market practice or in excess of amounts owners charge to unassisted tenants. Security deposits must be held in compliance with State and Local laws regarding interest payments and disposition of deposits. It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay the security deposit. The housing authority does not provide security deposit assistance to its clients.

When can you start the lease, and start receiving payments from the Housing Authority?

The effective date of the lease and Housing Assistance Payment Contract (HAP) will be determined based on the date the unit passes the housing quality standards inspection and/or the actual date the tenant takes possession per the Lease Agreement.

Can you Increase the Rent?

The owner may request an annual rent increase once a year. Rent increases are not automatic and must be requested in writing 60 days prior to the expiration of the existing lease. Any increases in rent are subject to “rent reasonableness” requirements and Housing Authority approval. In addition, the annual inspection for the unit must be current with no outstanding housing quality standards violation prior to approval of the housing assistance payment contract renewal and any rent increase. When a rent increase has been approved, the housing authority will send both the owner and the tenant a notice of the change in rent with the new effective date.

How can you make your unit available to Section 8 Participants?

If you wish to advertise to Section 8 Participants that your property is available to be rented, you can fill out an "Available Rental" form and return it to the Flagstaff Housing Authority office. You can also view a listing of properties that currently accept Section 8.