Public Affairs

The Public Affairs section is responsible for assisting the Mayor, City Council and all other City departments with community outreach related to events, activities and issues related to the City and encouraging public engagement. 

The Public Affairs section is also tasked with managing:

  • The Office of Labor Standards (minimum wage)
  • The Communications program
  • The Intergovernmental Affairs program
  • The Indigenous Initiatives program
  • The Neighborhood Liaison program
  • Assisting the Mayor and Council

Assistance to the Mayor and Council

The Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant to the Mayor and Council work directly with the public to address concerns, complaints, and provide feedback to the Mayor and Council. They also manage the Mayor and Councilmember’s schedules, coordinate meetings and plan travel along with conducting research on council directed topics and draft correspondence.

Intergovernmental Affairs

The City Manager's Office coordinates an intergovernmental relations program focused on protecting the interests of our community and identifying resources available to enhance City services and programs. The City Council and City Manager's Office work closely with our legislative advocates in Washington, D.C. and Phoenix, as well as with the League of Arizona Cities and Towns to influence policy decisions that affect local control and local funding.

2022 Legislative Priorities

The 2022 Legislative Priorities provide a framework for the City of Flagstaff's intergovernmental relations program. Adopted annually, the City's Legislative Priorities form the foundation of a focused advocacy strategy and serve as a reference guide for legislative positions and objectives that provide direction for the City Council and staff throughout the year.

Lobbying Services

The City contracts lobbyist services to advocate and monitor specific legislation impacting to the City's interest and established priorities. Our contracted lobbyists provide ongoing communication with the City and receive direction from the City regarding important bills, amendments and legislative developments. The City contracts with Elevated Advocacy, LLC for state lobbying services and and Nexxus Consulting, LLC for federal lobbying services.