Policies & Signage

Information on candidacy including formal requests, orientation, signage, and statement of equality.

Campaigning on City Property

  • “Petitions for or against issues, ordinances, resolutions, laws, statutes, or acts of any political subdivision, including petitions circulated to place initiatives and referendums or the name of any person on a ballot for election to any public office shall not be circulated within any City building.”
  • City personnel rules require all employees to remain free from political activity while on duty, while on City premises, or in an official uniform of the City.
  • City employees should not be approached directly with questions, requests for information, or to sign Council petitions.

Requests for Information

  • All candidate requests for information are processed as citizen requests through the City Manager's Office via the City Clerk. Due to the prohibition against using public resources to influence the outcome of an election, candidates are required to pay the City’s standard copying charge.

Candidate Requests to Meet with City Staff

  • Requests to meet with City staff will be accepted after the candidate filing and shall be submitted to the City Clerk's Office in writing.
  • The City Clerk will contact the appropriate department head to arrange the meeting.
  • All candidates will be invited to attend and the meetings will be scheduled based on candidate availability. Because candidates are limited to one 2-hour meeting per division, it is important to include all key employees from the division when requesting the meeting.
  • Written reports are prepared for every meeting held with Council candidates and are filed with the City Clerk’s Office.

Candidate Orientation / Forum

  • A Council candidate orientation meeting will be held sometime in 2016.
  • Major policy documents will be provided at no cost to official candidates at the orientation.
  • City department and division heads will be on hand for presentations and to provide an opportunity for candidates to ask questions and learn more about City operations

Campaign Signs

Portable campaign signs for candidates and political committees supporting/opposing a candidate or ballot measure are permitted on private property in all zoning districts with the consent of the property owner. Please note, however, that the total amount of portable signage allowed on private property is limited. Private commercial properties are allowed to display twenty-four (24) square feet of portable signage, while private residential properties are allowed to display sixteen (16) square feet of portable signage. It is up to the individual property owners to decide how much, if any, of their portable signage allotment will be devoted to portable campaign signs. The City does not regulate when portable campaign signs may be placed on private property or for how long.

Portable signs may NOT be placed on City property or in City right-of-way, and they are not permitted in the state rights-of-way.

Campaign signs may not be placed in locations hazardous to public safety, obstructing clear vision, or in areas that interfere with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 United States Code, §§ 12101 through 12213 and 47 United States Code §§ 225 and 611).