Certificates / Memberships / Certifications

Any time you attend a training, obtain a certificate or professional membership, send your documentation to Human Resources (email) (attn: Lisa Keita) for record keeping.

Supervisors' Required Training

The following is a list of required trainings for any employee in a supervisory role. All trainings listed are accessed through NEOGOV Learn.  Please contact Lisa Keita via email for access to each course. 

  • Harassment Prevention for Supervisors
  • Reasonable Suspicion for Drug and Alcohol Testing: Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Misuse

Additional Training

The City of Flagstaff is committed to continuous learning. With this concept in mind, the City provides a program to assist employees with the financial aspects of continued education which:

  • Encourages education
  • Expands job knowledge and upgrades skills
  • Helps employees in completing college coursework
  • Prepares employees for other lines of work within the City

In addition to in-house training programs, the City offers training in the areas of professional development, safety, computer literacy, supervisory skills, and more.

Tuition Assistance Program

All tenured and exempt employees are eligible for tuition assistance. Part-time tenured employees working 20 hours per week or more will be eligible for tuition assistance on a pre-rated basis. Tuition assistance may be made for coursework taken through an accredited college or university after the employee has worked for the City for a period of one continuous year, provided the course is either related to the employee's current position (or any position in the City to which the employee could reasonably aspire) or a class necessary to obtain a degree related to the employee's current position (or any position with the department.)

Tuition Assistance is made at 100% (subject to the availability of funds) of eligible tuition fees up to 12 credit hours per calendar year provided the employee receives a grade of "B" or better in the class. Maximum tuition assistance will be equivalent to current Northern Arizona University tuition rates. Employees also receive a stipend of $75 per class for each course they receive tuition assistance, to cover incidentals not covered by tuition. Lab fees will be reimbursed separately.

For more information about tuition reimbursement, see the Continuing Education and Tuition Reimbursement policy (PDF).