Flagstaff Trip Diary Survey


During the week of October 15-19, 2018, the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization will be conducting its third Trip Diary Survey of Flagstaff-area households.

What is a trip diary survey

A total of 4,000 randomly-selected households in the Flagstaff area, including students at Northern Arizona University, will be asked to provide information on their travel and commuting patterns for the trip survey.

Households will be invited to keep a simple log of the trips they take on a single day during the survey week. Examples of trips include walking to school, driving to work, taking the bus, or biking for recreation. Participants are also asked to complete a household survey, which provides additional information about travel habits, as well as resident’s perceptions of transportation in Flagstaff.

Residents’ involvement is critical to the quality of information received and the success of the survey, so all households who receive a Trip Diary Survey packet in the mail are highly encouraged to complete the survey!

Purpose of the survey

The Trip Diary Survey provides detailed information about travel patterns in Flagstaff, and helps guide transportation policy and decision-making. In particular, the trip diary survey approach is the most accurate way to compare travel patterns among modes, such as private vehicles, transit, walking, and bicycling.

Previous surveys

The 2018 Trip Diary Survey will be the third conducted in the Flagstaff area; previous studies were done in 2006 and 2012. The FMPO updates the survey every six years to assess changes in travel patterns over time and to monitor the effect of transportation policies and improvements.

For additional information

For additional information about the Trip Diary Survey, please contact:

Martin Ince, Multi Modal Transportation Planner
Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization
(928) 213-2685

The survey is being conducted by National Research Center, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado; a private research firm that specializes in surveys, performance measurement, and evaluation.