Community Design

Program Description
Community Design staff provides oversight for all of the elements of the program including Arts & Sciences, Beautification, Board and Commission Staffing, Heritage Preservation, and Redevelopment. Their mission is to implement the public policy of achieving the highest standards of neighborhood, site and building design. This is accomplished through professional design services, planning and construction of beautification projects, and design review. For public art and projects constructed using BBB Beautification Funds, the work of this group includes financial planning, project oversight, and ongoing maintenance.

Community Design Programs

Central Business District Sign Review

The City Architect reviews all signs proposed in the Central Business District, including within the Historic Design Review Overlay District.

Design Assistance

For both internal and external customers, beautification projects, design review applicants, historic property owners, and economic development endeavors, design assistance is provided free of charge.

Development Design Review

The City Architect participates in the Development Review Board, with responsibility for review of public and private development projects in terms of design guideline compliance, beautification efforts, and other planning efforts such as districts and transportation systems.

Historic District Design Review

The Heritage Preservation Officer provides recommendations to the Historic Preservation Commission on matters related to heritage preservation and development associated with historic properties. On smaller conforming projects in the local historic districts, including signs, Consent Approval is granted by the Historic Preservation Officer.

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