Online Paycheck Stubs

Payroll is now offering a new service that will allow you to obtain your Pay Statement more easily, quickly and in minutes! Take a look at the benefits of using this service:

  • Earlier access to your Statement vs. interoffice mail
  • View and Print your Statement at your convenience, from any location with an internet connection.
  • Save and Reprint your Statement as needed in the future (i.e., home loans, refinancing, etc.)
We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with this innovative way of viewing and printing your wage information. If you have any questions please contact Payroll at 928-213-2200 or

Thank you.

Payroll Department

Access your online pay statement

On the internet go to the web address:

Enter your Access ID, Username and Password.

  • Access ID: Flagstaff
  • Username: XXXX (Employee ID Number)
  • Password: XXXX (MMDD of your date of birth)

Change your password - you will be prompted to change your password when you login for the first time.

Select “MyPayStub” to print your Pay Statement.

Enter your Employee ID Number to open your Pay Statement (document open password)

Once you have completed this process, remember to “Bookmark” or “Add to your Favorites” the new Online Pay Statement address,

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