Flagstaff Regional Plan 2030 - Ratified May 20, 2014

This website includes the complete adopted version of the plan, the process that was used to develop the plan and earlier drafts, answers to frequently asked questions, and staff contacts.

Regional Plan 2045 Update

Looking for information on the update to the Regional Plan, including maps, Regional snapshots, webinars, and other public participation?  Go to www.flagstaff.az.gov/regionalplan2045.

Regional Plan Implementation

City staff can explain how their various projects help implement the Regional Plan by using the Goals and Policies Desk Guide (PDF) for City Council staff summaries. To help with this, we have developed a "cheat sheet (PDF)" with topic-specific lists of all goals and policies in the plan.

Many pages of the Regional Plan have changed since its initial adoption. Please visit "The Plan" content page to determine if your hard copy is up-to-date. Replacement page packets can be found at the bottom of the Plan page. To learn more about the evolution of the plan, visit our Regional Plan Amendment page.

Specific Plans

Specific Plans are an essential implementation tool for the Regional Plan. Find out about what plans are underway.


Regional Plan Web Map

Want to sort through the map information in the Regional Plan for a specific property? Type the address into our interactive web map.

Annual Reports

The City creates a report to measure the progress of Regional Plan implementation through various metrics each year. To view and/or download current and past Annual Reports, visit the Annual Report page

Please note: The old Regional Land Use and Transportation Plan 2001 (RLUTP) is available. This document is no longer active and has been replaced by the Flagstaff Regional Plan 2030.