The Plan

Vision Statement

The greater Flagstaff community embraces the region's extraordinary cultural and ecological setting on the Colorado Plateau through active stewardship of the natural and built environments. Residents and visitors encourage and advance intellectual, environmental, social, and economic vitality for today's citizens and future generations.

Looking for the Cliff's Notes? 

If you have limited time, we recommend looking at Chapter III (PDF), Appendix B (PDF), and the following maps: Significant Natural Resources, Concentration of Natural Resources, Future Growth Illustration (FMPO scale), Future Growth Illustration (city scale), and the Road Network. You can review all of these maps through the City's interactive web map.

Chapters & Maps

You may download the entire Plan (PDF). The individual chapters and maps are available (please note, they are large PDFs and may take a while to download):


Natural Environment

Built Environment

Human Environment



If you need access to an older version of the Regional Plan, please contact the City's Comprehensive Planning Manager, Sara Dechter at 928-213-2631 or


The strategies were developed by the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) as suggestions for policy implementation, and are a separate document not included in the ratified plan.


When there are frequently asked questions about the Regional Plan that are not clearly stated in the document, the Comprehensive Planning Manager will issue an interpretation. Over time, interpretations are incorporated into the plan through relevant amendments. View the current list of plan interpretations (PDF).

Replacement Page Packets

Many pages of the Regional Plan changed as a result of multiple amendments. Packets of Replacement Pages are published online annually. The online copy of the Regional Plan is always up to date. 

Please insert the 2014 to 2016 replacement packet (PDF) into your Plan first, if you have a printed copy from 2014. Then, download the 2016 to 2017 Regional Plan replacement page packet (PDF). Then, download the 2018 Replacement Page Packet (PDF). Then download the 2020 Replacement Page Packet (pdf). Then download the Jan 2022 Replacement Page Packet (pdf). Then download the Nov 2022 Replacement Packet (pdf). Then download the Jan 2023 Replacement Packet (pdf).