Fire Restriction Stages

The city of Flagstaff will enter Stage Two Fire Restrictions at 8 a.m. on June 11, 2021 in an effort to reduce the potential for unintentional human-caused wildfires within the city limits. The city of Flagstaff cooperates with local, county, state and federal fire management agencies to ensure a coordinated effort is made in fire restrictions actions across jurisdictions. 

  1. Stage One
  2. Stage Two
  3. Stage Three
  4. Stage Four
    • No permits are issued for open burning within the city of Flagstaff.
    • Use of charcoal and pellet barbecue grills are prohibited at all city parks, natural areas, open space, and private campgrounds.
    • No smoking in public places within city limits which includes parks, open-space, and cemeteries. 
    • Open fire pits and open flame devices are prohibited (including those with a spark arrestor screen) within the city of Flagstaff.
    • Gas grills and portable gas stoves that have an on /off switch are still allowed in city parks and private campgrounds.
    • Charcoal and pellet barbecue grills, and gas and portable gas stoves with on off switches are allowed in private residences.
    • The sale or use of consumer-grade fireworks within the city is prohibited.