Road Repair & Street Safety - Question #406 on Your November Ballot



       6 Things to Know About 406

Good roads are critical to Flagstaff's economy.  Roads move goods, services and people. Flagstaff has over 660 lane miles
of roads, many of them in declining condition.


Current State and Federal funding system for roads is broken. Funding for roads is based off of a fuel tax per gallon sold.  This made sense 20-30 years ago but now vehicles are more fuel efficient while costs to maintain roads has equally increased. 
At the same time the State has been sweeping road money
            from cities like Flagstaff for years.   

The City has been cutting costs and
redirected funding, but it isn't enough

The longer we wait the worse our roads will get and the more costly it will be to repair them.  

The City asked the public for input
A community survey, a citizen task force, and the Transportation Commission all provided feedback to the City.   

            The proposed 1/3 cent sales tax increase will get our roads back in shape and keep them in good condition. Tax to be used exclusively for:

Repair existing City streets
Preserve improved streets
Pedestrian and bicycle safety
Repair underground water/sewer infrastructure

Open Houses
5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

üThursday, September 25 @ The Elks Lodge
üWednesday, October 1@ Killip School
            üThursday, October 9 @ Sinagua Middle School
                       ü Monday, October 13 @ Sechrist School
            üThursday, October 23 @ Thomas School
            üWednesday, October 29 @ Mountain School


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