Proposition 406 - Voter Information

City of Flagstaff Road Repair and Street SafetyFlagstaff's Road Repair & Street Safety Voter Information

406 Public Presentation

406 Public Presentation - Learn more about the City's ballot proposition by viewing the presentation that City Manager, Kevin Burke is providing to civic groups, community organizations and neighborhood associations. View the PowerPoint slides only (PPT).

Cost Cutting & Budget Prioritization

Cost Cutting and Budget Prioritization (PDF) - Learn more about the City's cost cutting efforts since 2009 and more about the City's 2010 $16 million secondary property tax street and utilities bond. The bond made a dent in the City's catch up on road repairs but there still remains a significant backlog.

What Our Citizens Committee Recommended

What Our Citizen's Committee Recommended (PDF) - In 2014 the City asked a committee of Flagstaff citizens how the City should fund the backlog of road repairs. See the final resolution passed by our Citizen Committee in March 2014, a listing of the members on the committee, and an overview of the Committee's objectives. 

Flagstaff Community Survey & Polling

Flagstaff Community Survey and Polling (PDF) - In addition to the Citizen's Committee, the City conducted polling, focus groups and a community survey to seek feedback on a proposed dedicated sales tax for road repairs and street safety projects.

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