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"Be Resourceful" is about making simple changes to help you save money, support your community, conserve natural resources, and enjoy more time with friends and family. By making simple changes in our everyday choices, we can consume in ways that benefit ourselves, our families, and our community. Be Resourceful was developed to give Flagstaff residents tools for reducing waste: how to take action and where to find resources.

This resource page focuses on four areas: Buy Smart, Reuse, Borrow and Share, Fix and Maintain.
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Thank you to the City of Portland, Oregon for providing the program research and information for the Be Resourceful website!

Donate, Don't Ditch
Make sure your unwanted items get another life. Donate your items to one of the many businesses and organizations that accept them for reuse. Find a list of options for donating your items responsibly here

Buy Smart: Create memories instead of excess stuff by planning ahead
With simple planning and creative thinking, there are many ways to buy smart and still get what you need. Planning ahead also helps you be more efficient, freeing up time to spend with family and friends, or enjoying new experiences.

Start with a little planning before you head out to the store - for groceries, clothes or gifts. Make a list, then "shop" your cupboards and closets first, crossing off the items you already have on hand. At the store, stick to your list.

Choose quality, durable products rather than disposable items. There are many alternatives available these days, from old-school ways (like Mason jar drinking glasses) to modern technology (such as stainless steel canteens), that allow you as a consumer to make the right choice for yourself and your family.

Think outside the gift box. Who doesn't love show tickets or getting a special spa service? Gifts of experiences (rather than stuff) offer loved ones a chance for a memorable outing, and removes the potential for pressure to find room for something they may not need.

Reuse: Choose second hand, salvage and vintage or repurpose something old into a new creation
Upcycled or repurposed, second hand, salvage and vintage - all of these words essentially mean reuse, and doing so can save you money and space and avoid waste.

Need clothes, storage solutions, back-to-school supplies or craft materials? Many of these items can easily be found at second-hand stores. With a little creativity or help from a tailor, cobbler or handyperson, you may be able to turn your give-away pile into usable goods (and then donate what's left).

Explore Flagstaff's second-hand stores to find new-to-you clothing, furniture, electronics, household or craft items, salvage building materials and more.

Community Reuse Resources:
Appliance Service Today: used appliances | 654 E Route 66 | 928-774-2000

B&B Furniture: used furniture | 700 E Route 66 Suite B | 928-213-0202

The BarnBros: estate Liquidation and Sales | 2710 N Steves Boulevard., Suite 18 | 928-421-1095

Bookmans Entertainment Exchange: used books, music, video games, etc.| 1520 S Riordan Ranch St. | 928-774-0005

Cedar Closet Thrift Shop: thrift store | 2919 N West St. | 928-779-3029

Dorfsmith Books: used books, music, movies, and more |

Flagstaff Sports Exchange: used sporting goods | 19 W Aspen Avenue | 928-213-3404

The Garden Thrift Store: thrift store | 2 S Beaver St. Suite 100 | 928-214-1094

Goodwill East: thrift store | 4308 E Route 66 | 928-526-9188

Goodwill West: thrift store | 963 W Route 66 | 928-774-4737

Northland Hospice Hodgepodge and Collectibles: thrift store | 2340 E Route 66 | 928-213-5775

Old Highway Trading Post: antiques | 698 E Route 66 | 928-774-0035

Habitat for Humanity ReStore: salvaged building materials | 2016 N 4th St. | 928-779-1314

Savers: thrift store | 5060 U.S. 89 | 928-526-1066

Sharon's Attic: thrift store | 1926 N 4th St. Suite 5 | 928-856-4864

Somebody Cares Thrift Shop: thrift store | 2722 N West St. | 928-714-0980

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store: thrift store | 2113 N East St. | 928-779-4353

Starrlight Books: used books | 15 N Leroux St. | 928-774-6813

Borrow and Share: Cut down on clutter by borrowing, sharing, swapping and renting items
When we share more, we also consume less. And by doing so, we reduce our clutter and free up space. Sharing can be as simple as loaning a specialty baking pan to your neighbor, organizing a clothing swap with your friends, or even checking out books from the library rather than buying any of these items new. Borrowing and sharing also helps build community by fostering connections with neighbors and friends, which makes better place for all of us. What does sharing mean to you?

Community Borrow and Share Resources:
Absolute Bikes: bicycle rental | 202 E Route 66 | 928-779-5969

Arizona Music Pro: musical instrument rental | 122 E Route 66 | 928-556-9054

Cosmic Cycles: bicycle rental | 612 N Humphrey St. | 928-779-1092

Custom Sound Instruments: musical instrument rental | 23 S Beaver St. | 928-779-1000

Friends of Flagstaff's Future: 2101 N Fourth St., Suite 202 | silverware and flatware rental | 928-556-8663

Peace Surplus: ski, snowboard, and camping rental | 14 W Route 66 | 928-779-4521

Ski Haus: ski and snowboard rental | 801 N Humphreys St. | 928-774-7671

Sunstate Equipment Company: tool and equipment rental | 320 S Babbitt Dr. | 928-556-0165

Total Grand Rental: party supply rental | 1200 E Route 66 | 928-774-2721

Fix and Maintain: Expand the life of your stuff with basic maintenance and repair
Fixing and maintaining empowers and educates people to look more closely at the goods they own or buy. Choosing items for durability and repairability (such as shoes that can have the soles replaced when they become worn) extends the life of your stuff, saving you money while reducing waste.

Maintenance and repair can be easy, too. If you're a do-it-yourselfer, how-to classes and online tutorials can help you improve your sewing, bike or home repair skills quickly. There are also community resources, such Fix it Clinic, and local repair shops that can fix anything from clothing and shoes, to furniture, tools, electronics, appliances and more!

Community Fix and Maintain Resources:
Absolute Bikes: bicycle rental | 202 E Route 66 | 928-779-5969

Alpine Computer Repair and IT Services: computer repair | 930 N Switzer Canyon Dr. Suite 102 | 928-774-7700

Appliance Service Today: appliance repair | 654 E Route 66 | 928-774-2000

Arizona Music Pro: musical instrument rental | 122 E Route 66 | 928-556-9054

Bici-Mundo: bicycle repair, new/used/vintage bicycle parts | 222 E Brannen Avenue | 928-779-3121

Computer Clinic: computer repair | 1800 S Milton Road Suite 13 | 928-774-2424

Cosmic Cycles: bicycle rental | 612 N Humphrey St. | 928-779-1092

Custom Sound Instruments: musical instrument rental | 23 S Beaver St. | 928-779-1000

Flagstaff Bicycle and Fitness: bicycle repair | 2404 E Route 66 | 928-526-2780

Flagstaff Bike Revolution: bicycle repair | 3 Mikes Pike | 928-774-3042

Flagstaff Computer Guys: computer repair | 2323 E Greenlaw Lane Suite 4 | 928-853-4980

Flagstaff Shoe Repair: shoe repair | 1905 N West St. | 928-220-5433

Itech Flagstaff: computer repair | 1580 E Route 66 | 480-382-9740

Local Works: community workshop space | 1926 N 4th St. | 928-351-7404

Ogden's Cleaners: sewing and alterations | 1420 E Route 66 Suite 101 | 928-214-7284

Quality Boots and Shoe Repair: shoe repair | 2104 N 4th St. | 928-526-1031

Seams to Fit - sewing and alterations | 2661 W Lynette Dr. | 928-526-6186

Sewing by Cathy: sewing and alterations | 2920 W Darlene Avenue | 928-779-2385

Single Track Bikes: bicycle repair | 525 W Riordan Road | 928-773-1862

Summit Computers: computer repair | 1300 S Milton Avenue | 928-526-8892

Tec Rehab: cell phone repair | 901 N San Francisco St. Unit 1 | 928-600-6768

Yes. Sam Studio: sewing and alterations | 928-230-9109

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The following links are resources to help residents and visitors to Flagstaff become smarter consumers: Better Business Bureau.