Active Transportation Master Plan

The City of Flagstaff is working on an Active Transportation Master Plan to serve as a detailed guide to enhance walking, biking, and trails in Flagstaff.

Walking and biking are important to Flagstaff. An active transportation master plan will make specific recommendations for strategies, actions, projects, and programs to improve the pedestrian and bicycle environment and implement the goals and policies of the Flagstaff Regional Plan 2030 regarding walking, biking, and trails.

There are a number of benefits to having an active transportation master plan in place:

  • Provides a detailed framework to make Flagstaff more walk and bike-friendly
  • Positions the City to take advantage of grants, transportation tax dollars, and other sources of funding as opportunities become available
  • Helps ensure that walking, biking, and trails are accommodated in new development and new capital projects

Interactive maps

Click any of the links below to open a series of interactive maps that show potential new facilities for walking and biking, as well as methodologies for setting priorities and recommendations for their implementation. The Active Transportation Master Plan interactive map depicts sidewalks, bike lanes, FUTS trails, at-grade crossings, grade-separated crossings, bikeways network, bike parking, ped-bikeways, and neighborhood connectors.

Prefer more traditional maps? PDF versions of the maps can be downloaded from the list below: 

Working papers

Public surveys  

How to get involved...

There are a variety of ways to stay current and participate in this process:

Staff contact

Martin Ince
Multimodal Transportation Planner
(928) 213-2685