Priorities & Types of Repairs & Improvements in this Program

Types of Road Repairs & Street Safety Improvements

  • Road reconstruction - Some roads have reached the end of their life cycle due to the effect of weather and traffic and can no longer be rehabilitated. These roads will be reconstruction and all existing pavement will be removed and replaced.
  • Resurfacing (surface overlays) - Some roads have deteriorated so much that they require greater surface repair than routine preservation. This work will include the addition of a brand new overlay of the road.
  • Pavement preservation and surface treatments - Some roads require routine surface treatments, such as chip sealing, which will extend the life and improve the surface of the street. This work can include crack sealing, patching of potholes, and other defects on city streets followed by seal-coating the surface of the street.
  • Other improvements include - Repairs to:
    • Adjacent curbs
    • Bicycle paths
    • Gutters
    • Pedestrian safety projects
    • Sidewalks
    • Utilities under or near streets being repaired

Road & Safety Priorities

Keeping Flagstaff streets safe is always a factor in determining the priority of repairs.

The City will prioritize repairing the streets most in need of improvement. At the same time, the City will prioritize streets where a delay will cause the streets' conditions to materially deteriorate and significantly increase the cost to repair later.

Cost-Effective Steps

The City is committed to cost-effectiveness which often includes making utility improvements (water, sewer, and stormwater) and minor pedestrian and bicycle improvements at the same time as the major street repairs. It is also cost-effective for the City to schedule chip seal and street overlay projects so that work in on geographic area is completed within the same timeframe.

Time Frame

Full road reconstruction efforts will take more time to complete due to the significant design work and construction efforts related to building a new road and replacing water/ sewer/ stormwater infrastructure.