Complete Amendments

Amendments are tracked in Chapter XVI of the Regional Plan. This chapter includes a resolution number, adoption date, and the pages effected. There is also an indication on the bottom of each page that has been amended on when it was last updated. Previous versions of these pages are available by  public records request.

Many pages of the Regional Plan changed as a result of amendments, since 2014. The entire updated Plan is available for download (PDF). You can also download replacement page packets on the Plan webpage.

Examples from Chapter XVI: Plan Amendments

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City-led Plan Amendments

The City of Flagstaff regularly engages the public on the need to keep the Flagstaff Regional Plan 2030 current. The Regional Plan has always been considered a living document that would change with the needs and values of the community. Since 2014, City staff has proposed amendments to Chapter X: Transportation and Chapter III: How The Plan Works. All the details about these amendments can be found in the Complete Amendments Archive.

Applicant-Initated Plan Amendments

Minor Amendment to Maps 21 and 22 of the Regional Plan are regularly approved as part of rezoning cases, annexations, and specific plans as part of development applications. In order for a individual to have standing to submit for a plan amendment, the must be the property owner or have written property owner permission. You can find the most up to date Map 21 and Map 22 online.

Specific Plans

Specific Plans are plans that go into more detail than the Regional Plan about a particular area or subject. They are adopted by making through a resolution that incorporates them into the Regional Plan by reference (a minor amendment). Specific Plan's have enhanced public involvement requirements over a typical minor amendment. Specific Plans must be consistent with the Regional Plan and are sometimes preceded by a Regional Plan amendment to ensure consistency.

The McMillan Mesa Village Specific Plan (originally adopted in 1992) was revised in 2016 to bring it up-to-date. One amendment to the Regional Plan Future Growth Illustration (Maps 21 and 22) was made to ensure consistency between the two documents. All other Specific Plans, so far, have been found consistent without the need for amendments to the Regional Plan.