Annual Pipeline Replacement

Annual Water and Sewer Line Replacement Program (Ongoing)

Replacing water and sewer mains is necessary business. If your house was built prior to 1950, chances are we will come to your neighborhood.

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In 2011, the City began implementing a program to replace and rehabilitate water and sewer mains that are aging and deteriorating. Many of our pipes were installed in the early 1900s and they are small compared to modern water mains. Their small size, coupled with corrosion over the years, has affected the flow rate and quality of water in our community. This program targets pipe that has exceeded its useful service life to improve fire flows and improve water quality by removing corrosion by-products, thereby reducing the potential for biofilms and bacteriological activity. Depending on their condition, pipes are replaced (along with valves, fire hydrants, and water service lines from the water main to the customer water meter) or they are cleaned and lined if possible.

Project locations are determined based on water main break data, maintenance repair information provided by operations staff, GIS data (diameter, install date, material, etc.), hydraulic model results, and street pavement condition assessments. These evaluation criteria help us accurately prioritize candidates for main replacement so we can avoid multiple pavement cuts. Our goal is to replace 2.5 miles of water main and 1 mile of sewer main each year.