Fix-it Clinic


At Fix-it Clinics, we support sustainable consumption and divert waste from landfills by fixing items that usually end up in the trash. Our incredible team of volunteers can help you fix almost anything, including electronics, jewelry, clothing, bicycles, and more!

When is the next Fix-it Clinic?  

Saturday, February 24th, 2024.

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Fix-it Clinics are very popular, and we strongly recommend making an appointment. Please provide details about what is wrong with your item(s) so we can plan accordingly. 

Please bring replacement parts with you; we have limited supplies to make basic repairs. If replacement parts are unavailable, your item will have a lower chance of being fixed by the wonderful volunteers.

Visit the Appointment Webpage today!

Appointments help us prepare appropriate materials and gauge volunteer needs. Appointments are not a guarantee you will be seen immediately or your item will be fixed at the appointment time. Items being fixed is dependent on volunteer capacity.

How does it work? 

  1. We recommend that you make a Fix-It Clinic Appointment online. Appointments are not required; however, community members with appointments will be given priority at the event. 
  2. On the event day, bring your item to the Clinic, and a volunteer will work with you to fix the item. Some of the most commonly fixed things are lamps, coffee makers, and clothing items. 
  3. When a volunteer is available, they will work with you to repair the item.
    • The volunteer will help troubleshoot and walk through different solutions to fix your item.
    • When possible, you will be going "hands-on" to assist with repairing your item.
    • For clothing repairs, you may be given materials and instructed on how to repair your item.
  4.  If your item cannot be fixed, we will provide you with a list of options, including recycling the item, coming to the next Fix-it Clinic with additional materials to fix the item, or working with a different fixer in the future. 

Can I volunteer to fix things? 

If you are good at soldering, electrical repair, sewing, or woodworking and want to volunteer at the Fix-it Clinic, contact Steven Thompson at