City of Flagstaff Addresses

Addresses within Flagstaff City Limits are maintained by City of Flagstaff GIS. is the contact for City of Flagstaff addressing concerns, as detailed below.

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You might be looking for:
Addresses outside City Limits, or within a County Island?
Contact Coconino County GIS.

Tax records address change?
Contact the County Assessor.

Utility Bill address change?
Contact City of Flagstaff Utilities.

Did you move?
Contact USPS.

Resources for citizens and businesses:

If you have an inquiry about your address, please contact:

If you don't have access to email, please contact the Community Development Front Counter:
(928) 213-2619
To request an address change, please use the following form:
Address Change Request Form

To request an additional address on an existing property, please use the following form:
New Address Request Form

Resources for builders and developers:

If you have an inquiry about the development address for a project, please contact:

To request street name approval for new streets added in a subdivision, please use the following form:
Street Name Request Form

To submit suites and apartment numbers for a residential or commercial subdivision,