2015 Award Winners

2015 City Manager Excellence Awards

The employees of the City of Flagstaff strive to provide excellent customer service
in every program and service we provide to each other and to our community.

While customer service is expected of each of us, there are some employees that go beyond
our expectation and achieve the extraordinary in service delivery and customer satisfaction.

To recognize those individuals and to hold them up as examples, employees may be presented with one of the
City Manager’s Excellence Awards. Since the City’s slogan/motto is “Service at a Higher Elevation”
the awards were named after the highest points of the San Francisco Peaks.

Awards are categorized by the City’s values of teamwork, accountability, communication, quality and leadership

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Fremont Award for TEAMWORK - Customer Service Team

The active members of the team this past year include: Jason Cook, Tammy Bishop, Louis Garcia, Karl Eberhard, Tanner Callan, Jennifer Caputo, Denise Thompson, Geneva Dawson, Lisa Deem, Paul Lasiewicki, Jessica Foos, Claire Harper , Tamara Lawless, Glorice Pavey and Crystal Warden.

  • This team is being recognized for their work as a team.
  • At our last all employee meeting the Leadership Team subcommittee on customer service led by DCM Jerene Watson was handed over to an employee-led customer service team.
  • Since then the team, led by Denise Thompson and now led by Jennifer Caputo, has taken the Team Flagstaff motto of we make the City better and been the leaders in our organization in the areas of rewards and recognition, training, employee survey and customer service best practices.
  • This team recently joined up with a Leadership Team committee to form Champions of Team Flagstaff.
  • The Champions group will continue the great work of the customer service team and grow the Team Flagstaff identity. The Customer Service Team’s teamwork makes events like this possible.
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Fremont Award for ACCOUNTABILITY - Robert Brown

City Attorney’s Office

  • Robert is deeply devoted to his work, highly trainied and experience in prosecution
  • Served as interim city prosecutor during a busy time while the City recruited to fill the position permanently
  • He is an advocate for victims
  • He is known for his incredible work ethic, sense of humor and his willingness to assist other staff
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Fremont Award for COMMUNICATION - Nathan Naliborski

Public Works

  • Nate is the mechanic supervisor for Fleet Services
  • He leads by example
  • Gives credit to his staff
  • Accepts responsibility
  • Example of the fuel contamination at the yard back in April. Nathan took control of correcting this potential catastrophe. As a result of his leadership, no city services were interrupted and no city equipment experienced permanent damage. Many were involved in this positive outcome but Nathan led the way

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Fremont Award for QUALITY – Detective Nick Jacobellis

Flagstaff Police Department
  • Over the past year, Detective Jacobellis has worked tirelessly and effectively for the citizens of Flagstaff.
  • Last year along, Nick was assigned 313 felony and serious cases, all of which were handled with the utmost professionalism and care.
  • He is a firearm instructor
  • He was assigned two very serious cases this year involving children.
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Fremont Award for LEADERSHIP – Paul Summerfelt

Flagstaff Fire Department

  • Paul has been a leader in forest health for decades, he has this reputation worldwide
  • The people of Flagstaff are aware and understand the importance of a healthy forest. This is because of the great leadership of Paul and others in the community.
  • Paul manages the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project which is a $10 million public investment focused on improving our forests’ health and protecting Flagstaff’s water supply, public safety and economic vitality
  • Paul coordinates all work among the federal government, state government and local partners. This is no easy task.
  • Paul has taken this vision for Flagstaff and implemented it with a focus on professionalism and collaboration.

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Agassiz Award for TEAMWORK – Customer Service Staff

Michele Bader, Kim Burns, Pam Caskey, Sandy Corder, Sharon Gonzales, Sabrina Schoenhard

  • This team answers questions, directs foot traffic and accepts payments but they also assist with complex financial transactions, guides new residents to Flagstaff, hepps residents having challenges set up payment plans, dealing with angry customers.
  • Their work impacts every single household in Flagstaff
  • These challenging tasks are mostly accomplished with a team
  • Builds relationships with fellow residents
  • Acknowledge our new staff, while not receiving an award, are excited to have them on this team: Yasmin Brown and Jennifer Olivera
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Agassiz Award for ACCOUNTABILITY – Wildcat A+ Water/ADEQ Consent Order Crew

Ryan Roberts, Erin Young, Steve Camp, Mark Richardson, Troy Dagenhart, Mike Miller, Bill Case, Rick (Fredrick) Wright, Alicia Davia, Scott Gede, Rick Norman, Jeremy Meyers, Jesus Romero, Lisa Adams, Jolene Hayes, Robin Harrington and James Boyer

  • This group is being recognized for their work as a team
  • This team deserves recognition for all the work they did this past year to make sure the City was delivering A+ water that was promised to our community.
  • The team worked together to respond a consent order issued by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
  • Everyone stepped up and took on additional responsibilities to make sure the City was in compliance
  • This team is proud of the work they do and it is challenging to work in a Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • They are committed to making the city’s Wildcat Plant the best it can be
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Agassiz Award for COMMUNICATION - Stacy Saltzburg

City Manager’s Office

  • Stacy is our Deputy City Clerk
  • She always has a positive attitude and is always working to improve her skills and knowledge
  • She provides leadership to the City’s Boards and Commissions (23 of them) and works in a team approach with all liaisons.
  • Takes initiative

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Agassiz Award for QUALITY – Becky Cardiff & Margo Neff

Community Development and Information Technology

  • These two are being recognized as a team for their work with the implementation of the Community Development replacement software.
  • They stepped up to the challenge and were instrumental in the success of the project. They went above and beyond on this three year-long project.
  • Their hard work paid off as the software was launched with no issues.
  • Becky took the lead for designing the framework and rules for this very important software system and is now the lead trainer for all of Community Development users.
  • Margo was willing to take on the challenge to work outside her expected scope of work at an exceptionally high level.
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Agassiz Award for LEADERSHIP – Stephanie Smith

City Manager’s Office

  • Stephanie has a great attitude and has exemplary initiative
  • She has demonstrated exceptional leadership in the areas of Strategic Planning initiatives and Special Projects such as the Courthouse, Red Gap Right of Way negotiations with ADOT
  • Stephanie is a critical part of the City's internal Budget Team
  • She was the driving force behind the development, planning, education and outreach for the successful passage of the recent Road Repair and Street Safety proposition.

Employee 11_thumb.jpg HUMPHREYS AWARD

The Highest Award Possible
Marianne Sullivan – City Attorney’s Office

  • Marianne provides service to our community that is beyond exceptional.
  • Following the tragic and untimely death of Officer Tyler Stewart, Marianne demonstrated outstanding dedication and skills in providing legal representation to the Flagstaff Police Department, the City and the community at large.
  • In fact she was on vacation for the holidays and returned immediately to work when she heard of the tragedy
  • She is a national expert in body camera law and trainings