Intergovernmental Relations

The City of Flagstaff Intergovernmental Relations Program addresses legislative initiatives at the county, state, and federal levels, which follow annual legislative calendars. The program mission is to develop and advocate for the Flagstaff community by fostering and maintaining relationships with individuals and entities that affect the City's interests. As a member of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, the City of Flagstaff has assisted in the drafting and development of League Resolutions. 

Council adoption of the League resolutions, our identified priorities and guiding principles are incorporated as part of our legislative agenda.

Active Legislative Program

The City Manager's Office coordinates an active legislative program focused on protecting the interests of our community and identifying resources available to enhance City services and programs. The City Council and City Manager's Office work closely with our legislative advocates in Washington, D.C., and Phoenix, as well as with the League of Arizona Cities and Towns to influence policy decisions that affect local control and local funding.

2020 Legislative Priorities

The 2020 Legislative Priorities provide a framework for the City of Flagstaff's Intergovernmental Program. Adopted annually, the City's Intergovernmental Guiding Principles and Legislative Priorities are the foundation of a focused advocacy strategy and serves as a reference guide for legislative positions and objectives that provide direction for the City Council and staff throughout the year.

Federal & State Legislative Proposals & Policies

Federal and state legislative proposals and policies consistent with the City's Intergovernmental Guiding Principles and Legislative Priorities may be supported by the City. Those policies or proposals inconsistent with this agenda may be opposed by the City.