State Legislative Priorities 2017

    Advocate to Expand & Protect Local Control

    The City of Flagstaff supports legislation that upholds and restores the principle of local government and reinforces the authority of the elected leaders of Flagstaff to respect and protect the priorities of its citizenry and respond to local challenges.

    Advocate to Preserve Local Funding

    Protect existing funding and authorities that bring revenue to the City of Flagstaff, which support the quality of life for its residents. Areas may include, the protection of state-shared revenues and opposition to the imposition of new fees and unfunded mandates by any level of government that would increase costs to the City.

    Flagstaff Projects & Legislative Priorities

    Advocate for state enabling legislation for Property Accessed Clean Energy, or PACE.

    Advocate for funding to social service providers for the poor and other vulnerable populations, including those with disabilities.

    Advocate for state funding and legislation that supports colleges and universities.

    Advocate for legislation to create a Dark Skies specialty license plate.

    Advocate for investing in forest health treatments on state-owned land in the Flagstaff region.

    Advocate for change and establish a process for input to allow greater local government control, and for increased input by local communities regarding state liquor licensing laws.

    Statewide Issues Important to Flagstaff

    Advocate against firearm legislation that will allow guns in public facilities.

    Advocate against further sweeps of the State Aviation Fund.

    Advocate for flexible financing authority for commercial entities for upfront investment capital in energy efficiency improvements to properties.

    Advocate for allowing the local sales tax to be included as part of the total bid price when considering the “lowest, responsible bidder.”

    Advocate for removing the $2.5 million cap, which will allow the State’s Housing Trust Fund to be fully funded through unclaimed property proceeds received by the State annually.

    Advocate for restoration and oppose further sweeps of the Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF).

    Repeal Senate Bill 1070, which requires police to determine the immigration status of someone arrested,
    or detained when there is reasonable suspicion they are not in the United States legally.

    Repeal Senate Bill 1487, which withholds shared revenue from cities and towns that are found by the Attorney General to have violated state law. The goal of the repeal is to gain local control of shared funding.