Federal Legislative Priorities 2017

Advocate to Expand & Protect Local Control

The City of Flagstaff supports legislation that upholds and restores the principle of local government, and reinforces the authority of the elected leaders of Flagstaff to respect and protect the priorities of its citizenry and respond to local challenges and opportunities.

Advocate to Preserve Local Funding

Protect existing funding and authorities that bring revenue to the City of Flagstaff, which support the quality of life for its residents. Areas included opposition to unfunded mandates by any level of government that would increase costs to the City.

Flagstaff Projects & Legislative Priorities

Advocate for public housing and Section 8 funding.

Advocate for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and other federal immigration policies that help keep families together while supporting their higher education goals.

Advocate for legislation to reform the Medicaid Institutions for Mental Diseases (IMD) Exclusion.

Advocate for funding the Rio de Flag Flood Control Project. Fully fund this important community project and qualify for work plan construction funding in future years. Funding priorities for fiscal year 2017 include completing 100 percent design, completing final elements at the Clay Avenue detention basin and environmental clean up and installation of rip rap at the Butler site.

Advocate for leveraging the voter approved Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project funding with federal dollars to maximize investments into forest health, including resources for timber sale administration. Ensure that resources and funding continue to flow to important regional projects such as the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI), NAU Ecological Restoration Institute and other important forest restoration efforts outside of the 4FRI boundaries.

Advocate for funding projects in the Flagstaff Airport five-year Capital Improvement Program.

Advocate for authorizing and funding transportation improvements in Flagstaff, including priorities identified in the Regional Transportation Plan.

Advocate for increasing the gasoline tax in order help fund transportation improvements.

Advocate for funding and building a skilled nursing facility for veterans in Flagstaff now that the initial state funding has been approved and encourage the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to prioritize the project.

Oppose the transfer of federal lands to state or municipal governments unless funding has also been provided to effectively manage those lands.