2040 Regional Transportation Planning

We Need Your Input....Today!

A quick survey will help us understand understand your "values" related to transportation. The input received will assist in developing the measures by which transportation projects will be prioritized.

Updating the Regional Transportation Plan

Over the next year, the City of Flagstaff will be working closely with FMPO on the update of the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The Blueprint 2040 process will identify the transportation investments needed to support the land use and economic development goals set forth in the Flagstaff Regional Plan 2030 (FRP30). 

Addressed in the RTP

The RTP will address a multimodal transportation system:

  • Bicycle facilities
  • Freight movement
  • The pedestrian realm
  • Roads
  • Transit

It will add details to the regional transportation system at the plan and policy level, bridging the gap between the aspirational policies of FRP30 and the transportation facility details contained in city and county engineering standards. Blueprint 2040, with input from the public and stakeholders, will determine how the various transportation modes work together to create a comprehensive regional transportation system in support of the region's goals for land use, economic development, recreation, and the environment.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about outreach efforts.


A new website recently launched - MoveMeFLG - will provide more information on FMPO Blueprint 2040 Regional Transportation Plan as well as other transportation studies such as NAIPTA Flagstaff Transit Spine Study that will identify, evaluate, and select transit improvements to connect key activity centers, reduce transit travel times, and improve transit ridership and operations.

Further Information

For more information, contact David Wessel at FMPO via email or at 928-213-2650.