Food Systems Program

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The goal of the City of Flagstaff Food Systems Program is to empower Flagstaff residents to access local, healthy, and affordable food. Food systems are comprised of growing, transporting, processing and purchasing, consuming, and disposing of food. When these activities are at a localized scale there are more opportunities to support the economy, reduce transportation emissions, and promote community health and wellness.

City Programs & Initiatives

Assessing & Growing a Community Food System: USDA Grant Project

Now through December 18th, 2023, the Sustainability Office and Flagstaff Foodlink are conducting a survey to help us better understand community members' experiences surrounding food. Help inform Flagstaff's local food system today!

Click here to learn more.

USDA Urban Agriculture &? Innovation Production Grant (title slide)

Backyard Livestock Keeping

In exchange for fresh eggs, honey or milk, urban animals can be rewarding and relatively easy to keep. They just require some planning, commitment, and care.

Click here for helpful information on keeping backyard livestock or to apply for a permit


Community Gardens

The City recognizes the role that community agriculture has in promoting sustainable communities by providing locally grown food and building a sense of community. As a result, the City provides land for the development of community agriculture needs that benefit the Flagstaff community. Find more information about our community gardens here.

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Green Schoolyards Initiative

Green Schoolyards Flagstaff (GSY-FLG) is a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to building equitable green spaces throughout Flagstaff.  The group formed after receiving a three-year grant from the Children & Nature Network through their nationwide Green Schoolyards initiative and identified Killip Elementary as a pilot school.  Click here to learn more.

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Home Chicken Coop & Composter Rebate Program

At-home chicken keeping and composting methods work together to provide healthy soil for your garden and keep food waste out of the landfill. In order to promote these activities, the Flagstaff Sustainability Office provides rebates to help reduce the cost of purchasing prefabricated chicken coops and composters. Rebates up to a maximum of $125.00 are available for the purchase of prefabricated chicken coops and $75.00 for prefabricated composters. Click here to apply.

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Urban Farm Initiative

In recent years, many U.S. cities have embraced urban agriculture as a means for job creation, community development, blight elimination, environmental stewardship, and improved food access and food security. The City of Flagstaff has developed the Flagstaff Urban Farm Land Initiative to establish new agriculture ventures on city-owned land in the City of Flagstaff. Explore our incubator program here.


Neighborhood Sustainability Grant

The Neighborhood Sustainability Grant was created to inspire creative projects that enhance community sustainability efforts and foster community partnerships that promote sustainable and healthy lifestyles. Many food systems related projects have been funded over the years through enhancement of local farming operations, garden and composting educational opportunities and capacity building for food access. Check out past projects or submit an application here.

Food Systems Resources 

Our Food Systems Resources page features links to regionally specific growing and gardening documents, where to find locally grown and produced foods, how to minimize food waste, and options for increased food access. Find out more here.