City of Flagstaff Food Policy Program

The goal of the City of Flagstaff Food Policy Program is to empower Flagstaff residents to access local, healthy, and affordable food.

Raising livestock animals & bees in Flagstaff

In exchange for fresh eggs, honey or milk, urban animals can be rewarding and relatively easy to keep. They just require some planning, commitment and care. Flagstaff's rules for keeping livestock animals are enforced by City of Flagstaff Animal Control. For more information, visit our livestock animal resource page.

City of Flagstaff Community Gardens

The City recognizes the role that community gardens play in promoting sustainable communities by providing locally grown food and building a sense of community. As a result, the City provides land for the development of community agriculture needs that benefit the Flagstaff community.

The City has partnered with a local non-profit organization, TerraBIRDS, to manage and maintain community gardens located on City owned property. For more information, visit our community garden page.