Rewards & Recognition

The City of Flagstaff offers a wide variety of Rewards and Recognition systems allowing employees to be recognized in different manners at every level in the organization.

  1. On the Spot Rewards
    On the Spot awards allow City employees to recognize one another instantaneously and be entered into a quarterly drawing! Have someone in mind? Submit an On-the-Spot here!
    Wonderful Outstanding Worker (WOW) Awards
Wonderful Outstanding Worker (WOW) increases are intended to provide immediate recognition to those employees whose skills, knowledge, or conduct exemplify the City's values of reliability, responsiveness, professionalism, teamwork, and problem solving.

QSI Awards
A QSI provides recognition to those employees whose performance substantially exceeds an acceptable level of competence and has sustained this level of performance over a period of time is eligible for this award.

City Manager's Excellence Awards
Check out information about the City Manager's Excellence Awards.